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An Invitation to an Authentic Community of Grace

Intimacy with God always begins with an invitation. His invitation. And it is available to anyone regardless of their past or present. Watermark's Celebrate Recovery Director Nate Graybill discusses his journey of intimacy with God, one that began with his acceptance of an invitation. A journey that has watched one step of obedience help build a ministry that has offered the invitation to an authentic community of grace to hundreds of other seekers.

Nate GraybillSep 5, 2010
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

In This Series (20)
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Jonathan PokludaOct 24, 2010
An Invitation to an Authentic Community of Grace
Nate GraybillSep 5, 2010
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Jeff WardAug 15, 2010
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Blake HolmesJul 25, 2010
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Blake HolmesJul 18, 2010
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John CoxJul 11, 2010
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Todd Wagner, Kelly ShackelfordJul 4, 2010
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Todd WagnerJun 27, 2010
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Blake HolmesJun 20, 2010
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Todd WagnerApr 3, 2010
Why We Run to Him and Should Race to Complete This Opportunity
Todd WagnerMar 28, 2010
The Lost Virtues of Thanksgiving and Humility, part 2
Blake HolmesMar 21, 2010
The Lost Virtues of Thanksgiving and Humility, part 1
Blake HolmesMar 14, 2010
Real Change
Gary StroopeMar 7, 2010
The Solid Foundation
Blake HolmesJan 3, 2010

In This Series (20)

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