Creating a Game Plan

Community Group Leader Conference 2009

Does it seem like your group has different expectations and a not-so-clear definition for success? Learn how to approach uncommitted members and align, or re-align, your group.

Emily Ripple, Jay BurnsOct 30, 2009

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Why This Stuff Matters
Todd WagnerOct 30, 2009
The Big Picture: Why and How We Fight
Kyle KaiglerOct 30, 2009
The Art of Hard Conversations
Dean Macfarlan, Tawney MacfarlanOct 30, 2009
Our Strategy: Betting the Farm
John CoxOct 30, 2009
Watermark Community Group Leaders ConferenceOct 30, 2009
Investing in Others Through the Resources of Watermark
John Cox, Kyle ThompsonOct 30, 2009
Helping Your Group Have a Kingdom Impact
Jeff WardOct 30, 2009
Help! I'm in Over My Head
Wes Butler, Jim WimberleyOct 30, 2009
Externally Focused
Watermark Community Group Leaders ConferenceOct 30, 2009
Creating a Game Plan
Emily Ripple, Jay BurnsOct 30, 2009
Watermark Community Group Leaders ConferenceOct 30, 2009
Beyond the Dinner Club
Kyle Kaigler, Rob BarryOct 30, 2009

About 'Community Group Leader Conference 2009'

It would be great if being part of a community group looked just like the image above: organized, neat and comfortable. But the truth is that community is messy. It's hard to get everyone on the same page and fully committed to discussing what's really going on in our lives spiritually and relationally. For this reason, we gathered some key community leadership individuals together to take place in a church-wide Community Group Leaders Conference on October 30 and 31, 2009. It was an opportunity for us to be encouraged and challenged, get better equipped to lead our groups, and connect with fellow leaders on the frontlines at Watermark. We have compiled these resources in order to give you a taste of what the weekend was like. And to equip you - whether you're a group leader or participant - to pursue the kind of community we feel honors Christ and builds up His body.