Your Man

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It's easy to overlook our husbands, if we are not careful! They don't typically have the immediate needs that our kids do and so even the best of husbands can get shuffled to the back of the priority list. Today I'm hoping to give you a tool to help push your man to the forefront of your mind.

PRAY for him!

Honestly, there is no greater gift you could give him. And, bonus, when we pray for our husbands, other things happen too! If there is a tendency to forget his needs, you're reminded. If you have bitterness toward him, your heart will begin to soften. If you are taking him for granted, you will recall your thankfulness. Blessings upon blessings come through prayer.

Here are a few ways that I've enjoyed lifting my man up in prayer:

Laundry Prayer

In order to remind myself to pray regularly for my husband, I would pray for him as I would wash, dry and put away his laundry.

Power of a Praying Wife

This book, written by Stormie O'Martian helped me to fall in love with praying for my husband!

Daily Reading Prayer Connection

I would read God's Word and pick a scripture from that reading to pray over him. He always enjoyed if I texted him the verse that I was praying over him that day too!

From Head to Toe

I have stowed this away in my car visor and prayed for my man from head to toe while waiting at the pharmacy or in carpool line at school.

Resources: Head To Toe Prayer