Work in the Midst of Crisis

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Our Watermark body can serve others in many ways during this COVID-19 crisis. But we don’t want to neglect the service opportunity available to many of us – our workplace and our coworkers. This virus and our nation’s efforts to contain it have obviously affected nearly every place of employment.

In response, some workers and companies are stepping up to lead and serve, some are sitting still, and some are taking advantage in negative ways. This should not be a surprise to you. In a time of crisis, there is always a wide variety of responses.

Hopefully we, as believers, will lead the way with courage, compassion, and creativity. Our External Focus team put together the following thoughts that relate to ways many of you can use your jobs to serve the common good and reach others in Christ’s name.

Coworkers Matter

We would start by reminding you that God has placed each person in your life for a reason. This includes your boss, those who work under you, and other coworkers – including those you don’t enjoy working with. (We’re given special biblical instruction to love those folks!)

In a time of crisis, it’s easy to forget to care for these people – especially if we’re working from home. This season may be the time your coworkers need you most, or when they’re most open to hearing about the hope that you have in Jesus.

Neighboring well applies to your coworkers, too:

  • Prepare to stretch
  • Reach out
  • Consider the especially vulnerable
  • Step out
  • Just be a great coworker (complete with adjustments for our current situation)

Read more in that article.

All Workers Matter

COVID-19 and its ripple effects on society impact far more than those who contract the virus. Many jobs have been radically altered already and there are likely more changes in the future.

Some industries are feeling completely depleted, like travel and tourism. Others are being stretched thin, like health care providers and public servants. Many hourly workers and those who receive tips have seen their paychecks largely evaporate. Others are heavily impacted because their kids are no longer in school or their daycare situation has changed. (These are the workers whose health is most at risk from the virus. These are the workers whose jobs are most at risk because of the virus – up to 50% of us!)

Resources that may be helpful to you and others in your circle:

Leadership Matters

In the midst of all this, we know that leadership matters like nothing else. Whether we have an official leadership role or not, all of us are responsible for some form of leadership. Whether you lead your family, a team, an entire organization, or even a city, we know that your decisions affect the wellbeing of others and their ability to use what God has given them.

Just as COVID-19 can tempt us to ignore our coworkers, it also tempts leaders to rely on ourselves instead of the Lord. But God wants to use each of us to lead in our given spheres – and to lead better than we ever have.

Here are some “best-of” resources that can help you focus on great leadership during this time – and encourage you to excel!

Money Matters

It is impossible to predict how the economy will respond to this crisis long-term – despite the efforts of many experts! While the U.S. economy has shown itself remarkably resilient in the past, we still must exercise an “even if“ kind of faith (Daniel 3:16-18). That means that despite what happens, we Christians should maintain our very different view on money. Now is a great time to invest in those around us, be generous towards local non-profits and other organizations, or provide for a neighbor or loved one who is struggling financially.

If you need encouragement about how God would have you steward your finances, please check out:

Stewardship Matters

Our prayer for the Watermark church family is that the way we respond to this crisis causes the watching world to see our love – and our hope. Our hope will cause people to ask us “Why?” (And we should be ready to give an answer – I Pet. 3:15-16.)

For most of us, our biblical response to COVID-19 will include responding through our workplace, our leadership, and our finances. We pray you will steward what God has given you – job, relationships, leadership roles, and financial resources – to serve others in ways that bring glory to our Father.

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