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Watermark Staff Book List

“The mind of the intelligent seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feeds on folly.” Proverbs 15:14

What Our Staff Is Reading In 2018

A question our staff answers (and asks!) often is, “what are you reading?” In this blog post, some of our staff share the books sitting on their nightstands that you might consider adding to your "read next" list. While we always want our priority to be daily time in God’s Word, we hope these books will be an opportunity for further learning as you seek to live in greater devotion to the Lord. We don’t endorse every book on this list and not everything is consistent with what we believe. However, we pray you are encouraged, challenged, and sharpened as you evaluate these books in light of Scripture (Acts 17:11) and discuss them with your community group. See our 2017 Staff Reading Recommendations.

(alphabetical by author per section)

Theology & Christian Living

[The Rise And Progress Of Religion In The Soul](**by Phillip Doddridge**

"Any book that stirred William Wilberforce to fight tirelessly against abuses of the slave trade is good enough for me. God used this book to stir a country toward righteousness once before, I am praying he might use it again." – Todd Wagner

[How to Ruin Your Life]( by Eric Geiger

“Based on the ups and downs of the life of David, this is a cautionary tale of how you can ruin your life and how God can restore it, depending on your response to your sin.” – Scott Kedersha

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fireby Jim Cymbala

“If you find you have stalled and stagnated in your pursuit of Christ, life of faith and belief in the power of prayer, read this book and feed your soul by the stories and call to remember our big God who is intimately involved in transforming us and others one life at a time.” – John Elmore

[Everybody Always]( by Bob Goff

“This book challenged me to love people as Jesus would.” – Jonathan Pokluda

[The New City Catechism]( by The Gospel Coalition

“A concise and approachable resource covering a variety of Christian doctrines.” – Blake Holmes

[The Story of Reality]( by Greg Koukl

“A great primer on the Christian worldview.” – Blake Holmes

[A Praying Life]( by Paul E. Miller

“Of all the books on prayer I’ve read over the years, this one proved to be the most helpful in my day-to-day life. Miller took some of the mystery and formality out of prayer and offered practical suggestions to make your life one that is marked by consistent communication with God.” – Adam Tarnow

[Come and See](**by Todd Wagner**

“This book is a vision of what the church can and should look like. Great to read as a group, on your own, or to share with a non-believing or disillusioned friend.” – Noah Brown

Faith & Culture

[Eve in Exile and the Restoration of Femininity](**by Rebekah Merkle**

“The first half of the book is a fascinating overview of the feminism movement, its tenets and inherent contradictions with Christianity; the second is a deep dive into the grand calling that God gives to women (Spoiler, June Cleaver wasn’t even scratching the surface).” – Noah Brown

[Welcome to Adulting](**: Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, and the Future** by Jonathan Pokluda and Kevin McConaghy (available September 4)

“A great resource for young adults figuring out life during their 20s. I wish I would have read it when I was 18; it would have saved me a lot of wasted time.” – Ryan Wall

"I wish I could make this mandatory reading for every 18-30 year old. Welcome to Adulting is filled with personal stories and timeless truths told in a winsome and memorable way. Every minute spent reading is one of the wisest investments a person could make. This is not just a book for the next generation of leaders to read, this is a book that people serious about forming the next generation of leaders should memorize." – Todd Wagner

[12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You]( by Tony Reinke

“A well-balanced critique of how we are using our phones.” – Blake Holmes

[The Vanishing American Adult](**by Ben Sasse**

“One of the best books I’ve read this year. Sasse give thorough and biblical insights into what's wrong in our culture today and how we got here. He then gives good, practical advice to parents for raising kids who are resilient problem-solvers who take initiative and are equipped to carry our freedoms forward.” – Brian Buchek

Marriage & Family

[Tech-Wise Family]( by Andy Crouch

“Andy does a great job laying a foundation for what technology is; the benefits of it; the dangers of it; and how to use it appropriately in the context of family. Full of applications for anyone, not just parents.” – Joe Daly

[Fierce Marriage]( by Ryan and Selena Frederick

“For couples in any season of life, this book addresses marriage at the intersection of the hopeful and helpful. While pointing readers to Jesus as the center of their lives, the authors provide practical counsel on communication and conflict, priorities, and sexual intimacy.” – Scott Kedersha

[Cherish]( by Gary Thomas

"If you want to know what it means to love your spouse and cherish them as God intends, this book will give you practical, convicting, and biblical encouragement." – Todd Wagner

[A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World]( John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle

“An essential resource for parents (especially parents of teenagers) seeking to raise kids who will influence culture rather than be influenced by it. This is a practical guide for talking with kids about issues, including pornography, gender identity, racial tension, addiction, and technology.” – Wes Butler


[Canoeing the Mountains]( by Tod Bolsinger

“Agreat book about how to adapt your leadership as things change around you.” – Ryan Wall

[The Business of Faith](**by Matt Levy and Jeff Ward**

“This book opened my eyes to the concept of being a generous leader, particularly when it comes to time. It changed how I respond to interruptions.” – Ann Daly

[Unoffendable]( by Brant Hansen

“As Christians—because of what Christ has done for us and who we are in Him—we should be the most unoffendable people on Earth. Hansen writes in a witty, engaging, and compelling way, making the truths he teaches very easy to digest and apply.” – Joe Daly


[Martin Luther](**: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World** by Eric Metaxas

“The Lord used this book to remind me that He can use our faithfulness to change the world.” – Jeff Ward

[Saving My Assassin]( by Virginia Prodan

“An encouraging and challenging story of Virginia’s experience as a civil rights attorney defending churches in communist Romania. You’ll be inspired by the story God is writing in Romania and challenged to respond to hardship and persecution like Virginia has.” – Christy Chermak

“If you want to grow in your boldness and understand the importance of speaking up for religious freedom, this autobiography from my friend (and fellow Member of Watermark) is a must read.” – Todd Wagner

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