Watermark Kids Core Truths

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This July, the Watermark Kids Elementary Team welcomed 2nd-5th graders to Kids Core Truths, a class where they spent time learning about the Bible, God, Humanity, Sin, Salvation, and the Church. The goal of Kids Core Truths is to equip kids with theological truths that give them a biblical foundation to stand on and help them navigate the world they are living in. Building on our We Believe curriculum, Kids Core Truths gave kids a chance to dive deeper into various topics each week through teaching, games, and other fun activities.

We wanted to make the Kids Core Truth handouts available to all families as a resource to help you guide conversations about these foundational truths at home. One easy way to begin is to read the scripture and go over the questions and answers found on each page. But don't stop there. You can take the conversation further by helping your kids see why believing these truths matter in our lives and what could happen if we don't. Check out the example questions below.

  • What would happen if we got to pick and choose what we think is true in the Bible?
  • What words would you use to describe God?
  • What do you think it means that God created man and woman in His image?
  • Why does God take sin so seriously?
  • What is so amazing about what Jesus did for us?
  • What is one way you can be the church and love others this week?

We hope you find these resources useful as you help your kids learn, grow, and apply these truths in their lives as well as your own.

Kids Core Truths Handouts: