Watermark Church Has Been Worshipping in Haiti for Four Weeks

Watermark Church Has Been Worshipping in Haiti for Four Weeks Hero Image

You may not have realized it, but Watermark Church has spent the last four weeks ministering in the nation of Haiti!

As we often say, our church isn’t a building it’s our people. The church called “Watermark” is made up of those who have chosen to join us “on mission” here in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano.

But for many of Watermark Church members during the past month, God has led them to spend their “week of worship” ministering in Haiti! In all, we’ve sent four groups back-to-back… or back-to-back-to-back-to-back, as the case may be. It’s been an incredible chance to partner not only with Mission of Hope Haiti, but also with our own people, as each group got to build (literally and figuratively) on the work of our previous teams.

Reports from the Front

For each trip, the teams have been blogging – with some incredible testimonies from their time in Haiti. Check out some of these “teasers”:

“During a time of free play, a group of children gathered around Owen and asked why he was in a wheelchair. With the help of a translator and some transition questions from me, Owen explained…” (from February’s Family trip)

“[One team] planted 12 trees today, but the very first house was one of the most memorable. As we walked through the outer gate, we were immediately greeted by a man in his 50s carrying a Bible and wearing the biggest smile we saw in Haiti. He was so excited that we were there to plant the new tree, and he had already picked out its very special spot…” (from February’s Community and Fort Worth Young Adult trip)

“We began going door-to-door to share hygiene training and the Gospel, encouraging the believers we encountered and praying for those who don’t yet know Christ. Then we got a call, and we were taken back to the orphanage. I still can’t believe what we found. …” (from March’s Dallas Young Adults trip)

“The highlight for everyone [on Sunday] was getting to sing the English lyrics to worship songs while we stood side-by-side with the Haitians who were singing in Creole – it was a small glimpse into what worshiping in Heaven will be like! …” (from the College Ministry trip happening right now)

Read More!

Want more on any (or all) of these stories? Click on the links provided to read the blog posts from each trip. And as we noted above, the College Ministry team has just begun serving in Haiti this week, rounding out an awesome month of ministry for Watermark. They’ll be posting at smu128.com/blog.

Finally, if you’re interested in our vision for international ministry or in our upcoming trips, please visit watermark.org/international.