Some Next Steps For Watermark Church And How You Can Get Involved

Some Next Steps For Watermark Church And How You Can Get Involved Hero Image

(Be sure to check out some of the  frequently asked questions about Watermark Church’s campus expansion plans from our elders.)

On Sunday Todd Wagner and John Cox talked about some exciting new things going on at Watermark. Check out the clip below to hear John and Todd discuss some time sensitive opportunities and what the next steps are moving forward.

An Update On Our Campuses

Below you will find an update on each of our campuses, and some exciting new information about the addition of our third campus in Plano.

watermark church location map

Dallas Campus

  • We’re out of space on Sunday mornings and during the week. We’re leasing the building next door to us and renovating floors 2 and 3, initially, for additional mid-week ministry space. We have the option to buy the building (at a previously agreed upon price of $11.5 million) in the fall of 2018.

Ft. Worth Campus

  • Our Fort Worth body has grown almost 100% over the last year. We’re doubling the staff team from 4 to 8, and we’ve secured additional office space, which will also allow us to expand our Kids Ministry capacity.

Plano Campus

  • We’re adding a Plano Campus! We’ve reached a contract for a building north of us (Spring Creek & 75) that we believe will serve us for years to come and have a designated staff team supporting this new campus.

Financial Needs And Timeline

We have outlined the financial needs and timelines of these new opportunities below:

Immediate Needs ($9.5 million)

  • Immediate need by Sept. 15 is $9.5 million to purchase the new Plano Campus (we already have $5.5 million of this)

Need Over Next 6 Months ($6-7 million)

  • $3 million to rent & renovate neighboring tower
  • $3-4 million for Plano Campus renovations

Need Over The Next 4 Years ($18.5 million)

  • $11.5 million to purchase the tower (option to buy in October 2018)
  • $7 million to rent and renovate remaining 5 floors of neighboring tower

How You Can Get Involved

What are we asking of you?

Pray for Watermark. Pray that we would hear God’s voice and follow after Him as it relates to our next steps. Pray also that God would show you how He might want you to be involved financially.

How do I give?

If you have the desire and means to contribute financial gifts toward our facilities, you can give online by selecting, “Building Fund,” when given the option to choose between it and the General Fund. You can also give by writing, “Building Fund,” on the memo line of checks.

How can I get connected with the Fort Worth campus?

To learn more about the Fort Worth campus, click here. You can also email, and one of our staff team members will respond.

How can I get connected with the Plano campus?

To learn more about the new Plano campus, click here. You can also email, and one of our staff team members will respond.

How can I learn more?

If you weren’t able to attend one of the Q&A sessions with the Elders on Sunday, there are two more meetings:

  • Wednesday, July 16, 6:30 am, 4th floor assembly room, Watermark Tower
  • Wednesday, July 16, 7:00 pm, 3rd floor assembly room, Watermark Tower (Kids Ministry provided)
  • Sunday, July 27,  The Loft,  during the 9:00 am and 5:30 pm services. (Kids Ministry provided)
  • Wednesday, July 30 at 7:00, 4th floor assembly room of the Watermark Tower  (Kids Ministry provided)

Email us at if you’re unable to attend either of these sessions and have questions about Watermark’s plans. We’ll be happy to reply.

We’re excited about these next steps for our church body and to see how God continues to use us as we call one another to be and make fully devoted Christ followers. Join us in praying with thanksgiving for all that He’s done, all that He’s doing and all that is to come. Grateful to be on mission with you.