Update from Watermark Urgent Care

Update from Watermark Urgent Care Hero Image Update from Watermark Urgent Care Hero Image

Both Watermark Urgent Care clinics remain open to care for the spiritual and physical needs of those in our city! Our clinics are now helping sick patients with upper respiratory symptoms over telemedicine platforms or having them wait in their cars until we are able to see them in the clinic. We continue to pray that our patients will see the goodness of God as we help meet their physical needs.

The support our clinic team has received from the Watermark body continues to strengthen and encourage us the during this season. Watermark Members have cared for our staff, our volunteers, and clinic patients by dropping off meals, donating personal protective equipment, and by sending donations through our Amazon wish list. All this is an incredible provision.

As for the well-being of our clinic team, moral is high in-spite of difficult and challenging circumstances:

*“I have seen the family culture at Watermark Urgent Care really shine during this time. The GroupMe’s are full of prayer requests, encouragements, and people following up with one another. Volunteers join weekly calls with staff where we get to laugh and also create space to share what’s happening in the various hospitals where our volunteers work. There are medical and non-medical volunteers, and it’s sweet how those who aren’t in healthcare are eager to pray for and encourage those who are. It is a gift that God was forging such a tight knit group amongst our clinic team long before COVID-19. Now, we are fortified even more-so during an intense and crazy season.” *

  • Katy Riegel Watermark Urgent Care Coordinator

Continue to stay up to date on what is happening at our clinics by following their Facebook or Instagram pages. For a more detailed walk-through of what clinic operations look like these days, check out the most recent clinic update posted on the Watermark Health blog.

Our clinics are still needing your help! Below are a handful of ways the Watermark Family can serve our clinics’ staff, volunteers, and others “on the front lines” of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Are you a health care worker?

Our clinic team wants to encourage you! Specifically, they want to learn how to serve you best in this season. Fill out this survey and our clinic volunteers will follow up with you on how they can pray for and encourage you during this time. If you are not a health care worker, but you have friends at Watermark that are, feel free to send this link to them!

Share Your Masks with Watermark Urgent Care

One of the most pressing needs at our clinic is N95 Respirator masks. Due to the general public buying many of these masks, there is a shortage for those who need them most. In the event of the virus becoming widespread, healthcare professionals will face extreme risk. Watermark Urgent Care will also be at risk of closing its doors entirely if our clinics are not able to adequately protect staff and volunteers with these masks.

Likewise, traditional surgical masks are highly needed as well. If you have any unopened boxes of N95 Respirators or surgical masks, please consider donating them to Watermark Urgent Care this week. You can deliver them to Watermark in blue bins in the West Tower lobby. If our clinics receive more masks than they need, they will share them with area ICUs and ERs.

Learn more from the clinic.

Serve Health Care Professionals

Way to go Watermark Family! Over the past two weeks, we have collected enough items to put together 74 care packages for our Watermark Urgent Care volunteers who are serving at local hospitals and clinics across the metroplex. Most of these packages have already been distributed and were a huge encouragement to those serving on the front lines. We want to continue to give clinic volunteers and staff support in the form of rest and self-care. Please consider purchasing something off the updated Amazon wish list or bringing the following items to the Watermark Dallas West Tower reception area:

  • At-home spa items
  • Hand Lotion (unused)
  • Comfortable socks (unworn)
  • Notes of encouragement, thanking them for what they are doing

Any or all of these things are appreciated and will be put towards care-packages for those showing up to work in medical fields. These people are uniquely serving our community right now and there will continue to be a need to support these individuals in our church body and community. Please bring them to the blue bins in the lobby of the West Tower at Watermark Dallas between 9AM and 2PM.

If you’re looking for other ways to encourage friends and family serving in Healthcare:

  • Send this article, written by our Watermark Health team, to a medical professional in your life. It will show you appreciation as they serve in this difficult season.
  • Bring a meal to their house or to our Skillman clinic (New opportunities for meals or snacks at our clinics can be found at this link: Skillman Clinic)
  • Take care of yardwork or other home needs
  • Offer to babysit – especially if you know their children will be home unexpectedly due to school closures
  • Help with the education of their kids
  • Send notes of encouragement
  • Discover other specific needs and meet them creatively!
Help Us Keep Reaching the Most Vulnerable

We still want to be thoughtful not to overload the health system unnecessarily, whether that is at Watermark Urgent Care, your doctor’s office, or local hospitals. If you are feeling sick, the Watermark Health team suggests using a questionnaire like the one from our friends at Medical City before assuming it might be COVID-19. Watermark Urgent Care has also provided some helpful resources to help discern if an office visit or staying at home will be your best next step.