Trusting in God and His Word Gives Us Purpose

Trusting in God and His Word Gives Us Purpose Hero Image Trusting in God and His Word Gives Us Purpose Hero Image

What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? These questions have been debated by everyone from philosophers to children since the beginning of time. Your answer depends on your worldview. Do you think we’re here by chance? Were we created and left to fend for ourselves ever since? Or does a loving God with ultimate authority care for us and direct our moments so that we can see Him more fully? When we trust in God, who’s purpose is His glory, we can find the answers to questions that have stumped the greatest thinkers in history.

PURPOSE: Intentionally Living For God

MEMORY VERSE: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." COLOSSIANS 3:23 (NLT)

This Week’s Finish Line: Trusting in God and His Word Gives Us Purpose

In Luke 1 and Matthew 1, God singled out two unremarkable individuals to be a part of His great rescue plan: Mary, an honest girl, and Joseph, a faithful man. What God asked of them was crazy but both trusted God and were willing to intentionally live for Him. God’s purpose for them was to be the earthly parents of their own Messiah. God has a purpose for all of our lives and when we are obedient to Him, we bring Him glory. Remember, this life isn’t about us. It’s all about Him!

Family Questions:

  1. Read Luke 1:26-38 and Matthew 1:18-25. What similarities do you see between the angel’s visit to Mary and Joseph?
  2. Would they have been able to mess up God’s plan if either of them said, “no”? Why do you think that?
  3. Does God have a purpose for everyone? What do you think His purpose for you is?
  4. Talk about some verses from the Bible that remind you that God is trustworthy.

Bring it Home Conversations & Activities:

* Check out our vision for parents and how to use these activities each week.

Teacher: Ephesians 2:10

At dinner this week ask your kids what they think their purpose is. After they answer read Ephesians 2:10 with them. Ask them what the verse says their purpose is. What does "good works" mean? What does "being created in Christ Jesus" mean? If we truly lived in our purpose of glorifying God and not ourselves, how should our every day lives look different?

Friend: Living On Purpose

In the car one day, share with your kids how in your job and/or day to day responsibilities you are striving to live out the purpose that God has for your life. Share ways you are doing well in that as well as struggles you have with that. Talk about how God directed your steps to where you are today and how His Word guides you towards His purpose daily. Brainstorm with your kids how their life can uniquely be lived on purpose today and commit to pray for one another.

Counselor: Purposeful Encouragement

Tell your family to be paying attention to each other during the week. Be looking for ways you see each other living out their purpose. Create some time where your whole family can be together then spend that time encouraging each other in how you have seen others intentionally living for God. Take it back to the verses you have picked out, and specifically talk about how you have seen each other living out the ideals found in those verses.

Coach: Reminders of Purpose

In the mornings give your family little ways or ideas of how they can make choices to live for God’s glory during the day. Encourage them to remember their purpose is God’s glory and not their own glory.


Thank God for using impossible situations to show His glory to the world. Thank Him for giving your life purpose because of the saving work He’s done in your heart. Ask Him to help you trust Him and His plan even when it seems crazy. Amen.

Looking Ahead

Next week we are continuing the month of December with the godly character trait of PURPOSE. We will be learning about how knowing our purpose causes us to use our gifts to serve God.

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