To Honor God We Steward Our Talents

To Honor God We Steward Our Talents Hero Image To Honor God We Steward Our Talents Hero Image

Imagine someone gave you a one-of-a-kind gift that was made especially for you. What would you do with it? Would you hide it under a rock or locked away or would you show it to others? Hopefully you would not just keep it to yourself but want to let others see it. God has given all of us talents that He picked out just for us. The talents He gives us aren’t meant to be hidden or used just for ourselves. God gave us our talents and wants us to steward them well so that people won’t praise the gift itself but the Giver of the gift. When we steward our talents we are honoring God by using what He gave us for His glory.

STEWARDSHIP: Honoring God With All He Has Given You

MEMORY VERSE: “Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him and He will help you." PSALM 37:5 (NLT)

This Week’s Finish Line: To Honor God We Steward Our Talents

Most people know Daniel as the one God saved from the lions’ den. However, before that happened, God used him to show His power in a different way. King Nebuchadnezzar was having bad dreams that really upset him. He threatened to kill all the wise men unless someone could tell him what they meant. Daniel and his friends prayed and God gave Daniel the answer to the king’s dream. Instead of being prideful of his new talent for interpreting dreams, Daniel humbly told the king what his dream meant and gave all of the credit to God. By stewarding his talent well, Daniel not only saved the lives of all the wise men in Babylon but also showed the king what his God, the one true God, is really like.

Family Questions:

  1. Tell the story of Daniel 2 to your kids. What talent had God given Daniel? Did Daniel use that gift for himself or for the Lord? How?
  2. Read Daniel 2:46-49. What did the king learn about God by seeing Daniel steward his talents well?
  3. What talents has God given you? What can stewarding your talents well teach other people about God?

Bring it Home Conversations & Activities:

* Check out our vision for parents and how to use these activities each week.

Teacher: SS CHALLENGE #6: PLAY - Stuck With Skills

Challenge: What skills have you been stuck with? Hold a family talent show, letting each person in the family show off their skills (singing, dancing, super-human-tricks, etc.). Make it fun, laugh a ton, and be sure to post either pictures or video to your team’s Facebook group of some of your favorite moments.

Read: Romans 12:4-5


  • Other than the talents you displayed in the talent show, what other gifts and talents do you see in your family? Take the time to point out talents and skills you see in your spouse and/or each of your kids.
  • Romans 12:4-5 says that gifts and talents were given to us for a special function to bless others. What are ways we have been or can be faithful stewards of the talents God has given us? (help your kids see the value in the unique ways God has made them)

Friend: Great Example

While driving with your family listen to one of your favorite Christian artists. Before you start playing the music tell your family to listen closely and enjoy how talented they are. Afterwards explain to them how this artist who has been given an incredible talent has chosen to use and steward it for God’s glory. Remind them again that they didn’t choose their talent but were given it by God for His glory. Pray with your family and commit to God to steward all the talents He has given you for the good of others and glory of Him.

Counselor: Your Talents are God's

As you are putting your family to bed ask how they think they got their talents. Teach them how God is fully responsible for their life, breath, talents and treasures. Show them how our talents are truly a gift from God and should be stewarded as such. Then talk to them about how it is our privilege and responsibility to use our talents ultimately for God’s glory. Read Romans 12:6-8 together as a family.

Coach: Encouraging Others

As you are getting your family ready for the day give them a challenge in which they have to encourage someone throughout their day. Tell them that they have the opportunity of stewarding their words and energy for the good and encouragement of others. Be sure to ask them at the end of the day how it went and be sure to encourage someone throughout your day and be ready to share with your family.


Thank God for the unique way He made you, both your strengths & weaknesses. Ask Him to help you use the talents He’s given you to do the work He’s prepared for you to honor Him.

Looking Ahead

Next week we will continue the month of July with the godly characteristic trait of STEWARDSHIP. We will be learning that to honor God, we steward our treasures.

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