Three Activities for Preschool Families: Mary Pours Perfume

Think of your favorite thing, something that is very special to you. Now, did you know that Jesus wants us to love Him more than that special thing, more than anything? And that Jesus is worth loving more than anything? In this week’s story, Mary shows her love for Jesus by pouring out an expensive bottle of perfume. How will you pour out your love for Him this week?

HIGHLIGHTS from the Weekend…

This weekend your child learned that Jesus is worth loving more than anything else. While Jesus was having dinner at a friend’s house Mary came to see Him. She opened a very expensive bottle of perfume and poured it on His head and feet and then wiped His feet with her hair. The friends at the dinner were very upset because they thought she had wasted the perfume, but Jesus was pleased. He told the friends to leave her alone. Mary showed her love for Jesus by serving Him. She loved Jesus even more than her fancy perfume and was willing to give all she had to honor Him. (Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:1-8)

Teaching Truth:

  1. Jesus is worth loving more than anything else.

Memory Verse

"But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8

3 Activities that Help Us Learn That Jesus is Worth Loving More Than Anything Else:

1. Serving Bottle

Draw or cut out a perfume bottle shape on construction paper or poster board. Let your child decorate it and hang it in your kitchen or your child’s bedroom. Each time you see your child serving others (sharing a toy, picking up, folding laundry or helping with dinner) put a sticker onto the body of the bottle. Take the opportunity each time to praise your child about the “selfless” act. Once the bottle starts “filling up,” choose something special as a reward, like a trip to the ice cream store! After your child has finished decorating his jar, talk with him about how Mary served Jesus by using these questions.

  • What did Mary pour over Jesus?
  • Why did Mary pour perfume on Jesus?
  • Why were the disciples upset about Mary doing this?
  • Was Jesus happy because of what Mary did?

2. Dinner is Served

Let each child take a turn being the servant at dinnertime. For little ones, it might just be scooping the food onto each plate, and for the older ones, it might be taking people’s orders, serving, and cleaning up.

3. Closet Clean Out

Talk about sacrifice, giving, and serving. Take time with your child to go through toys, clothes, etc. Talk about not just choosing the old crummy stuff, but some nice things too to donate to a local group.


Father, just how Mary showed Jesus love, we pray that you would help us live our lives in the same way. We thank you for this story and for ultimately saving us through Jesus. Thank you for claiming us as your children and for never leaving us.

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