Three Activities for Preschool Families: Jesus Goes Home

The reality of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead changed the lives of the over 500 disciples who saw Him afterward. In fact, that reality changed history. Reflect on how the resurrection has changed your life as you share these activities with your preschooler this week.

HIGHLIGHTS from the Weekend…

This week your child learned Jesus gave His life so we can live with Him in heaven and that Jesus told us to tell others about Him. When the women who went to Jesus’ tomb saw that it was empty, they ran to tell the disciples that Jesus was alive, but the disciples did not believe them at first. So, Jesus showed Himself to Peter, James and John while they were fishing. He also proved to Thomas that He was truly alive by letting him touch the scars in His hand. When the disciples realized it was truly Jesus, they were overjoyed. Jesus also appeared to many other people during the 40 days after His resurrection, but one day Jesus told His friends goodbye and rose into the clouds. While His friends were looking up into the sky, an angel appeared and told them Jesus had gone to live in heaven. (Matthew 28:8-10, Mark 16:9-20, Luke 24:13-53 & John 20:10-21:25.)

Teaching Truth:

  1. Jesus gave His life so we can live with Him in heaven.
  2. Jesus told us to tell others about Him.

Memory Verse

"But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8

3 Activities that Help Us Learn That Jesus Gave His Life So That We Can Live With Him in Heaven and Told Us To Tell Others About Him:

1. Easter Mobile

For the last week of the Easter mobile, help your child cut out clouds from white construction paper and glue some cotton balls on them. Use yarn to attach the clouds to the mobile. Since this will be the last piece in the Easter story, review the details of the story with your child and also spend time talking about some of the deeper truths of Easter.

2. Clouds

Make clouds to hang from the ceiling in your child’s room. You can cut cloud shapes from white paper or tie several blown-up white balloons together. At bedtime, use it as an opportunity to talk about how Jesus went back to heaven and is preparing a place for everyone who loves Him and trusts Him. Talk about how wonderful heaven is where there is no sickness, no pain, no sadness and where we get to be with Jesus forever.

3. Jelly Bean Poem

Using the leftover jelly beans from Easter, help your child create a bag full of jelly beans to give to a neighbor, make sure there is at least one of each of these colors in the bag.Attach this poem to the bag.

RED is for the blood He gave.

GREEN is for the grass He made.

YELLOW is for the sun flowers so bright.

BLACK is for the dark of night.

WHITE is for the grace He gave.

ORANGE is for the sun He made.

PURPLE is for the hours of sorrow.

PINK is for our new tomorrow.

“A bag full of jelly beans, colorful and sweet.

It's a prayer, a promise, and a child's treat.

May the risen Lord bless you this Easter and always.”


Thank God for the Truth we learned this week and ask him to help you apply it to your life this week. Ask Him to help you to write this Truth on your heart and to love others with the love that He first loved us.

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