Three Activities For Preschool Families: Red Sea

Three Activities For Preschool Families: Red Sea Hero Image Three Activities For Preschool Families: Red Sea Hero Image

Can you imagine the sight of watching Moses’ raise his staff and the waters of the Red Sea part? What an awesome demonstration of God’s power! This week in Starting Blocks, children learned about this great event when God delivered the Israelites safely on dry land while the Egyptians were covered by the Red Sea. Are there areas of your life where you feel overwhelmed? This story is such an encouragement that God is all-powerful and He protects us as His children. As you engage your children in the following activities this week, celebrate the Lord’s provision and protection!

Highlights from the Weekend

Last week we heard about the ten plagues and God rescuing the Israelites from Pharaoh. The Lord told Moses to take them out of Egypt to the land He had promised would be their new home. He gave them a cloud to follow during the day and a pillar of fire by night. The Lord was with them. When Pharaoh realized he didn’t have slaves anymore, he changed his mind and his heart was hardened again. He sent his army with their chariots to follow and capture the Israelites and bring them back to Egypt. The Israelites were afraid and cried out to the Lord when the army came near. Moses told the people to stand firm and believe that the Lord would deliver them. The Lord told Moses to raise his staff and the Red Sea parted. There was a wall of water on the right and on the left. The Israelites were able to walk across on DRY LAND! God is all powerful. The Egyptians continued to follow them but the Lord had Moses stretch his hand over the sea and the waters flowed back together, covering the Egyptians. God protects His children. The Lord saved the Israelites from Pharaoh. God had an amazing plan for the Israelites.

Teaching Truths:

  1. God is all powerful.
  2. God protects His children.

Memory Verse:

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

3 Activities that Help Us Learn This Week's Teaching Truth:

1. Storytime

Act out the motions to the following Bible verse recapping the Red Sea story:

“The people of Israel went through the sea on dry ground. There was a wall of water on their right side and on their left.” -Exodus 14:22

The people of Israel: Hold up two fingers upside down like a person on your palm

Went through the sea: act like you are walking

On dry ground: pat the ground

There was a wall: put your hands up like there is a wall in front of you

Of water: wiggle your arms like waves of water

On their right side: make a wall motion with the right hand

And on their left side: make a wall motion with the left hand

Exodus 14: put up a one and a four

22: hold up 2’s on each hand

After acting out this verse, talk about how God protected the Israelites and how He protects us too.

2. Red Sea Baggie

Make the Red Sea in a baggie! You will need a Ziploc baggie, hair gel, and blue food coloring. Fill one quarter to half of the baggie with hair gel. Put the blue food coloring in the baggie, and then use clear packing tape to double seal the top of the baggie. Mix the hair gel and the food coloring together. Then, help your child retell the story of God parting the Red Sea by parting the goo in the baggie. You can even use a sharpie to write “God is ALL powerful” on the baggie.

3. Movie Night

Have a family movie night and watch “The Prince of Egypt” together. Make it fun, pop some popcorn, and enjoy time together watching God’s Word unfold in animation! (Note: Some scenes in this movie might be disturbing to younger or sensitive kids. Parents might want to preview it first.)


Pray a short, simple prayer thanking God that He protects His children.