One True God

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“Growing up in the Jewish faith, we never really talked about God in our home growing up except during Passover and Hanukkah. I didn’t have much of an idea of who God was, and it wasn’t really a conversation my family ever had together.

“I didn’t have a foundation of faith, so I tried to find my identity in a lot of different places as I grew up. I excelled in sports and school and sought to control people’s perceptions of me. I wanted to receive approval and accolades. I wanted to control my life and my feelings, and that showed itself in many different ways.

“I left Southern California and came to Dallas for college. On the first week of my freshman year, a girl in my hall invited me to a Watermark College event. The speaker shared that, in this world, we are broken, but God cares about us so much that He’s done something to redeem it and reconcile us to Himself. He sent His Son Jesus to die for us so that we can have a relationship with Him. I’d never heard the gospel in this way before, and I couldn’t shake the desire to know more.

“I began meeting weekly with a girl named Paige, and she patiently sat with me and answered my questions. She suggested I start reading the Gospels. I didn’t have a Bible at the time, but I would read through the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John on a phone app every night before bed. For the next six months, Paige continued to meet me without judgment or an agenda. She would answer my questions, and we would explore the teachings of the Christian faith.

“A couple of months in, Paige asked me if I believed God exists. I was able to say yes, but when she asked me if I believed Jesus is the Son of God, I started to have a hard time. I grew up in the Jewish faith, and even though our family wasn’t devout or Orthodox, I felt like I was abandoning my family and my culture if I said yes. I think that was the hardest part for me – accepting something that seemed contrary to my family's values.

“I thought I needed to have all the answers before I could accept Christ. But God humbled me and showed me that I don’t need to be perfect in my knowledge in order to trust in Him. Instead, I get to trust God’s character and have faith that He is who He reveals Himself to be in the Bible. While faith is ultimately necessary for a relationship with God, I learned that we also have evidence that God is the one true God; no other religion has that. God isn’t afraid of our questions or doubts. He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), and no amount of scrutiny is going to change that.

“And so, after many conversations and questions, I prayed to receive Christ as my Savior.

“From there, I started getting very involved in Watermark College. I joined a community group and found joy and acceptance in being known and loved by the girls in my group. I started leading a Bible study, and I loved getting to tell other people about the God who changed my life.

“After college graduation, I started attending Great Questions, Watermark’s ministry for those who have questions or doubts about God. I experienced an environment where people from all faith backgrounds were able to seek and ask their questions about God, Christianity, faith, and the Bible in a safe place.

“Now, I’ve been serving for about three years on the Great Questions team, and I love it because of the way it resonates with my story and how I came to know the Lord. I have a heart for people who are genuinely seeking God. I love sitting with people and wrestling through questions of faith with them.

“When I came to know the Lord, I learned I have a purpose: To know God and make Him known (Matthew 22:37-39). Before, I was finding my identity in so many fleeting things, and now I get to be on mission with God wherever I go.

“My dad passed away this summer, and that has been something new to walk through. I’m in the process of grieving, but through it all, I haven’t doubted God’s faithfulness or His goodness. I’m so thankful He preserved that in me. I know He welcomes my questions, sadness, and anger. I’m getting to know Him more deeply, and I see His steadiness through this season of my life. God is unchanging, and I think that is so comforting.”