The Gift of Wisdom

The Gift of Wisdom Hero Image The Gift of Wisdom Hero Image

There are so many places moms could run toward in search of wisdom. We have all been known to run to our moms, our friends, books, podcasts, and blogs. There are also many messages sneakily marauding as wisdom. In which case, we have to be very careful what we allow to direct our steps.

However, using God’s Word as a clear foundation when we are in need of wisdom is a sure thing! In fact, Isaiah 33:6 reminds us that God “is our sure foundation, providing a rich storehouse of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge."

A couple of weeks ago, the Dallas campus hosted several breakouts at The Nest. The purpose was to bring biblical wisdom to a few different areas of a moms’ life. Click on any of the breakouts below to hear practical and scripture-informed wisdom!
- How to Navigate Schooling Decisions

- How to Help Our Tweens and Teens Navigate Friendships
- How to Move from Clutter to Order in Our Homes
- How to Shepherd Your Kids in Stewarding Finances
- How to Cultivate Your Home Into a Refueling Station for All