The Desire For Growth Is Contagious

The Desire For Growth Is Contagious Hero Image The Desire For Growth Is Contagious Hero Image

Meet five people whose hearts have been transformed as they have explored various books of the Bible in-depth over the last 12 months. As you read their stories, consider which equipping opportunity might spur you on in 2019. No matter how many years you’ve been walking with Christ, there’s a Bible study or equipping course that is right for you. Find out more at

“My wife and I became first-time parents toward the end of 2017 and found out we would be parents again at the end of 2018. Through our Equipping Ministries, the Lord reminded me what a faithful man of God looks like. I have been challenged by what a man’s role is inside God’s Kingdom. – T.D. SMENTEK

“I specifically remember a moment of encouragement from last fall. It occurred while answering this question in my Women’s Bible Study workbook: ‘Which of your daily activities, behaviors, and attitudes could better reflect the mind of Christ?’ That’s when I realized my need to grow in humility. 1 Peter 5:5 says, ‘clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.’ Since then, I have experienced multiple situations in which the Spirit has guided me toward humility. “I currently co-lead a Bible study, and through the resources and knowledge I’ve gained through Core Classes and Women’s Bible Study, I can confidently disciple others. I taught last semester on original sin, free will, and sanctification, drawing on many resources from my Equipping classes.” – NATALIE COX

“Our Equipping ministries provide environments where the desire for growth is contagious. I’ve met men who are willing to sacrifice to learn and grow, and that makes me want to run as hard as they are. By making Men’s Bible Study a priority, it has opened conversations with coworkers that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. People regularly ask about what I studied that morning when I arrive at the office on Thursdays. I love getting to share because it’s always applicable for someone.” – HUNTER LANE

“I had been a Christian for 19 years before I attended Equipped Disciple. As a high school student, I asked a pastor how I could better understand Scripture, and the answer was always the same: read your Bible. But how, I wondered? In Equipped Disciple, I finally learned what it meant to pursue God and the importance of daily Bible reading. Equipped Disciple absolutely changed my walk with Christ and continues to impact me today. Because of the tools and disciplines I learned, my thoughts, words, friendships, family relationships, and my marriage have changed.” – KATIE HERNANDEZ

“I’ve been encouraged by one of my Bible Study small group member’s willingness to ask tough questions in order to better understand difficult passages. As we seek those answers out, it’s amazing to see the impact those answers have on us. Her hunger to know Christ more has been contagious and has prompted me to seek wise counsel from other leaders and staff. I’m thankful for how my small group pushes and challenges me, while giving me insight into how God loves each of us in profound and distinct ways.” – KATIE HENRY

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