Teach Us to Pray

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Teach Us to Pray

Our prayer is that the Lord would raise up an army of dads who are praying for their families CONTINUALLY, SPECIFICALLY, HUMBLY, and BOLDLY. Jim Wimberley's life and example is such an encouragement and inspiration for us and we hope this gave you a lot to chew on and process how you can implement the things you heard. The generations coming after you need your prayers. What if we all prayed, "Lord, let me leave a godly legacy to the generations to come!"? How might the Lord be glorified if we prayed that prayer CONTINUALLY?

Call to Action

As always, we want to encourage you to take just one step of obedience coming away from our time today. For this month, let us encourage you to take a look at the "36 Godly Character Traits" and to pick out one trait for each of your children that you think is a unique strength or challenge for them. Set an alarm on your phone to pray that verse of Scripture SPECIFICALLY over each child for the next 30 days (maybe set an alarm for each of your children based on their birthday -- i.e. 9:05 for September 5th). You may also want to pick one for yourself, a godly character trait you know the Lord wants to grow you in right now, and pray HUMBLY for the Lord to grow your faith in that area. Be sure to loop your wife in as well and spend time praying together regularly.


Here are a few resources you may want to check out as you seek to grow in prayer as a dad:

Next Time

During the next DadU, Braun Brown will be leading us and teaching on "Competitive Parenting: Moving from Comparison to Contentment". Join us in praying BOLDLY for the Lord to do something great in the families of Watermark for His glory and our good! To listen to other conversations, catch up on the Watermark Family Ministry Podcast.