Our Favorite Stories of Change

Our Favorite Stories of Change Hero Image Our Favorite Stories of Change Hero Image

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Christ, through His grace and sacrificial love, gives each of us our own story of redemption. Regardless of sin, past choices, or even future hardships, full dependency on Christ changes your life eternally. We pray these testimonies encourage you and remind you of the transformative power of Jesus.

As you watch these videos, let’s rejoice and celebrate in Christ’s plan for our lives. We get to do this despite chaotic circumstance, our own failed plans, and our attempts at control.

Hugh and Amy Stephenson

“Overtime, I saw how God transformed him into a godly man and I wanted to follow him. And now we’re a team.”

From the outside looking in, Hugh and Amy Stephenson’s family looked like everything was going great, but when Hugh’s struggle with alcohol hit rock bottom, they realized their family had no solid foundation to handle crisis. Their son brought them to Watermark and they quickly realized a difference in the Christians around them. Through Christ, they watched their lives and desires transform as they learned more about God’s word, spirit, and people.

Brett and Chrisey Billman

“Through all of this, community was the tangible expression of God’s love for us.”

Mid-pregnancy, Chrisey Billman was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Through having their son and undergoing two brain surgeries, Chrisey and her husband, Brett, were unsure of asking for help when they really needed it. They were humbled and in awe when their community group immediately rallied around them with unconditional love, prayer, and service in their time of need.

Dee Elliott

“It would be easy to doubt God’s goodness as I experience increasing loss of function and paralysis in every voluntary muscle in my body.”

After being diagnosed with ALS, Dee’s life was drastically changed. In two years, he gradually was unable to function on his own. Dee still sees the goodness and purpose in God’s plan in a circumstance that seems far from favorable. He and his wife, Roddy, spent the last years of their lives proclaiming the good news of Christ and His sufficient love.

Todd and Erin Cartrite

“As broken as it felt and as much as I was suffering, I could trust that something in this was going to bring wholeness.

Something was going to be redeemed. God was going to use this for a good and perfect plan.”

Todd and Erin Cartrite’s daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma as a newborn. From diagnosis to surgery – and now in the present day – the Cartrite family leans only on their hope in Christ when sufferings arise. Through their hardships, God showed His faithfulness and overflowing love. God was bigger than neuroblastoma and showed himself to be in control.

Edwin Rodriguez

“I learned while I was in jail that salvation is a gift. There is nothing I could do to earn my salvation.

Past, present, and future sins – they had all been paid for. It was recognizing the true meaning of grace.”

When Edwin’s crystal meth addiction left him at rock bottom and in solitary confinement, a fellow inmate shared the gospel with him. His life was forever changed. After jail, Edwin found community and a local church body that helped him grow in his faith and learn more about the Bible. With this new knowledge and his trust placed firmly in Christ, Edwin found true healing from his past and reconciled with his father during the last six months of his father’s life.

Freddie Mayfield

“I felt clean for the first time in my life and I didn’t feel ashamed.”

Freddie spent his life in a cycle of drug addiction and sin for nearly three decades. After a near-death heroin overdose, Freddie found a piece of literature about Jesus in the ICU. From then on, his desire to know Christ grew, and he started reading the Bible and attending a local church. By trusting Christ and abiding daily in God’s word, Freddie found freedom, healing, and a new hope. Jesus truly brings Freddie joy every day.