Slave. Hero Image

The following is a short video of the spoken word, Slave, that was featured in last Sunday’s message. We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it using the share buttons above.


You say that I’m a slave.

Yeah, you used to own me,

Tease, puppet and control me.

You promised to spoil me rotten,

But seems like rotten’s all I’ve gotten.

You had it running through my veins;

Always numbing all my pains,

But it never would sustain.

But I tried, imbibed,

And relied on the feeling;

Like a junky needing more,

Getting high and then reeling.

Your lies were crafty,

Always sounded brand new.

Even though time and time again,

I swore I was through.

It was like daily amnesia,

And sweet poison was your feature.

Like a caged, abused beast,

Always promising the feast,

You kept me hungry,

Longing for more.

But you never loved me,

I was only your whore.

And so you fed me and misled me,

Just enough to keep me loyal.

Making me think that

Somehow, someday,

Through all my inner toil,

I could be freed from this disaster;

You cruel, addicting master.

Like a mistreated woman

Who knew no other life,

I went back to the jerk

Despite of all the strife.

But while you were sleeping,

Another came knocking.

He grabbed me by my life

With all His crazy talking.

He said that, “As a slave

There’s only one way out.”

And that his way, the only way,

Was not a safe or easy route.

His solution was to die.

My heart pounding through my chest;

I thought He came to rescue,

But his answer was straight death.

Then this man, like a father,

Smiled as he said,

“You’ll no longer be a slave

When your master finds you dead.”

Then he took me in his arms,

And laid me down into the deep;

Spiritually suffocating,

I tried to wrestle,

But he would keep,

Holding me under until I gave in.

It was necessary for this slave of sin

To give up my last breath

Until he verified my death.

It was finished.

THEN, His holy breath filled my chest;

Alive and new, the curse had left.

My old master had no power,

It was no longer his hour.

Now, I was free

And didn’t have to listen;

He still tried calling,

But my mind had new mission.

It was all about my KING.

I was rescued and redeemed.

It couldn’t happen on my own,

Or by following some rules.

It demanded a savior,

Not the counsel of fools.

It required His death,

And mine as well.

But it didn’t stop there,

Now I live to tell;

He raised again, and thus, so did I.

He made me new,

Never again will I die.

My old master won’t quit,

And still tempts me with thrill,

But now I hate him

Cause I know his intent is to kill.

Now, I won’t go back

To the patterns of old;

I am a new slave – redeemed, I’m sold.

I have a new Master,

One Christ, one Lord.

Now to Him I cry out

When hungry, tired or bored.

You say that I’m a slave?

Indeed, His solely.

But this slave is now free,

And the result will be holy.

My new Master is good,

Loving and just.

His life leads to peace

If only you’ll trust

In his life, and death and rising again;

He took your place

And nailed all your sin

To the cross and disarmed the enemy,

He is the way, truth and life eternally.

From one slave to another,

Won’t you “come and see”?

My Jesus breaks chains

And sets the slaves free!