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Significant Summer Week 6: National Simplicity Day

Significant Summer Week 6: National Simplicity Day Hero Image


CHALLENGE: Whether you have an hour, evening, or all day, put aside your “to do” lists and get ready to rest and connect. Here are some ways to keep your time SIMPLE:

Stay in your pajamas longer than normal
Invite each child to pick a “simple” activity to do as a group (i.e. read a book aloud, play cards/board game, nap, crossword puzzle/word find, tell silly stories, joke time)
Make a blanket and pillow fort
Put away your electronics and unplug
Leave the time unscheduled with no places to be
Eat simply without a lot of fuss or preparation

READ: Matthew 11:28-30


  • Ask your kids if they know what being weary means. Talk about ways you can feel weary at times.
  • Share that while this SIMPLE time gives us physical rest and relaxation, Jesus gives us the ultimate rest and true peace as we trust in Him and give Him our burdens.
  • Ask your kids if there is anything that discourages them, and pray with them to give those burdens to Jesus.

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