Significant Summer Week 5: National Postal Worker Day

Significant Summer Week 5: National Postal Worker Day Hero Image Significant Summer Week 5: National Postal Worker Day Hero Image


CHALLENGE: Serve your postal worker this week by leaving a treat and a note in your mailbox. The person who delivers your mail every day works hard and is not someone we think about saying thank you to very often. Use the occasion of National Postal Worker Day to tell them thank you and that Jesus loves them. Have the kids help prepare a special treat, then make thank you cards for your letter carrier. Put it all together with a bottle of cold water (their job is especially hot in July) in your mailbox. Be sure to pray together as a family for your mail carrier.

READ: Matthew 25:34-40


  • In this passage the King is rewarding His followers for acts of service they did. Are the acts of service big things or little things? (They are little in that they are easy to do – feeding someone, giving someone a cup of water, visiting someone who is sick.) Is the reward a big or little reward? (It is big! Inheriting a kingdom is a HUGE thing!)
  • The reward is big because Jesus says that when we serve others, especially those we might not think are that important, we are actually serving Him. Does understanding that we are serving Jesus when we do simple acts of kindness make us want to serve more often or with a different attitude?
  • Discuss some ways your family can serve others this summer – who can you feed, provide cold water to, or visit?

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