Significant Summer Week 3: National Selfie Day

Significant Summer Week 3: National Selfie Day Hero Image Significant Summer Week 3: National Selfie Day Hero Image


CHALLENGE: This is a great day for rest. Gather the family together, grab a picnic blanket and/or hammock, and head outside to a park, a lake, or even your backyard. Each family member gets to choose a different “face to make” or “pose to be in,” for a family selfie. As you are laughing at how funny each of the pictures are, take some time to read James 1:19-25 as a family. Just as a selfie is a picture showing a reflection of what you are doing, think through ways that you have been both a hearer and doer of God and His Word.

READ: James 1:19-25


  • Remind your kids that being a follower of Christ is more than being hearers of the Word. What does it mean to be a doer of God’s Word?
  • Parents, take some time to encourage ways you see each of your children reflect Jesus uniquely. Be as specific as possible.
  • Ask each family member what they would like to do in the future that would show the reflection of Christ and figure out a way to make that happen.

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