Sibling Harmony

Sibling Harmony

Man! This subject is such a HOT topic. No matter the age of your kids, we all want harmony in our homes. Just last week, I threw my hands in the air and announced that momma was all done - clockin' out- not intervening and they can all just scratch each others eyes out. Not my best moment, but there's some authenticity for ya!

That being shared, Elizabeth Tamlyn has a much better approach on how to build sibling harmony into your family. Moms have a strong influence on the quality of their kids' relationships. Elizabeth explains personality types, shares scripture and reminds us that conflict is an opportunity. This message also comes with a list, "Steps to Peace in Your Home" that I have printed and posted front and center for my eyes to see frequently. You will not want to miss this message. It is littered with great take-aways! ENJOY! Click here to listen.

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