How To Build Sibling Harmony

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How to build Sibling Harmony

Man! This subject is such a HOT topic. No matter the age of your kids, we all want harmony in our homes. Just last week, I threw my hands in the air and announced that momma was all done - clockin' out- not intervening and they can all just scratch each others eyes out. Not my best moment, but there's some authenticity for ya!

That being shared, Elizabeth Tamlyn has a much better approach on how to build sibling harmony into your family. Moms have a strong influence on the quality of their kids' relationships. Elizabeth explains personality types, shares scripture and reminds us that conflict is an opportunity. This message also comes with a list, "Steps to Peace in Your Home" that I have printed and posted front and center for my eyes to see frequently. You will not want to miss this message. It is littered with great take-aways! ENJOY! Building sibling harmony.

Steps to build Sibling Harmony

  1. Pray. Pray. Pray
  2. Be prepared to step in.
  3. Know their triggers.
  4. Allow each kid their own space and time.
  5. Give positive reinforcement when you see it.
  6. Set a good example of peace.
  7. Practice politeness.
  8. Decrease boundries when needed.
  9. Build in long-term thinking.
  10. Positive family exeperiences together.