Serving with Partners during COVID-19

Serving with Partners during COVID-19 Hero Image Serving with Partners during COVID-19 Hero Image

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We get to partner year-round with numerous local organizations that are making an impact across our city. When crisis hits, these ministries provide a trusted avenue for serving our communities strategically and effectively. In the days to come, our External Focus team plans to keep all of us updated on the numerous ways we can serve and give. You’ll find the current opportunities below.

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Two Principles to Remember

First, if you already serve with an organization – whether or not they’re an official “partner” with Watermark – then they likely need your help during this time! Start by checking their websites and social media channels to see needs they’re reporting. If appropriate, reach out and ask for ways you can creatively serve or give.

Second, it’s good to remember that in crisis situations, financial donations are often the best way to help a trusted organization. Money allows a ministry to wisely invest wherever the need is greatest. Of course, many organizations still need volunteers – and it’s healthy to get involved physically in the places you choose to donate to financially.

Here are some great ways to do just that:

Drive-Thru Grocery Store in West Dallas

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand holds a “free Grocery Store” for its West Dallas neighbors on a weekly basis. They anticipate feeding 300 families a week in the coming months. But to help keep its neighbors and volunteers safe, food distribution is being changed to a “drive-thru” experience.

With some usual volunteers now stuck at home, new help is needed now more than ever!

Meanwhile, with DISD and other school districts closing, children in need have no access to school lunches. Donated funds help to provide easily distributable food items, including bread, peanut butter, jelly, lunch meat, and more.

  • Serve in the Drive-thru Grocery Store this week or in the future by visiting the volunteer portal for Wednesdays (9AM-1PM) or Thursdays (9AM-1PM). In order to keep track of the number of people coming to the building, you must register prior to serving.
  • Alternatively, consider donating money that can be used to purchase food.

Help Feed Low-Income & Homeless Individuals in South Dallas

Our friends at Cornerstone Baptist Church, just south of Downtown Dallas, continue to feed those from their neighborhood and beyond through their Cornerstone Community Kitchen. Volunteers are needed to help serve food, or you can also help immensely by providing a direct donation.

With many grocery stores (which usually donate food) temporarily out of stock, Cornerstone must purchase much more food than usual. Furthermore, the Kitchen has seen 50% more visitors this week, because some other non-profits have ceased serving food during this time.

  • To help prepare and serve food in the Kitchen, sign up here.
  • To donate food and items needed in the Kitchen, sign up here.
  • Or to give financially, use the PayPal link on the CBC site.

Donate Clothes or Funds for the Homeless Outreach Effort

OurCalling reaches thousands of homeless people each year, but are not an overnight shelter. Instead, they aid the homeless population with a daytime environment that offers numerous services and discipleship opportunities.

Some of OurCalling’s current challenges include receiving 80% less food than normal because low stock in local grocery stores and a lessened volunteer base. One-third of OurCalling’s staff and volunteers are having to stay home with kids or are absent for other reasons during this time.

Therefore, their biggest needs are:

  • Funds to purchase food (one quality meal at OurCalling only costs about $1.25) and pay for overtime and contract help. Donate here.
  • Men’s clothing. Clothes can be new or gently used; underwear must be unworn. Call 214-444-8796 to schedule a drop-off time in Downtown Dallas (Mon-Fri, between 8AM and 5PM).