Sermon Application Guide: Can You Relate? - Authority

Sermon Application Guide: Can You Relate? - Authority Hero Image Sermon Application Guide: Can You Relate? - Authority Hero Image

The following blog post contains notes and application questions from the "Authority" message in the series "Can You Relate?" Watch the full sermon here.


As we continue our series “Can You Relate?”, JP teaches us about our relationship with authority using one word: submission. Teaching through 1 Peter 2:11-25, JP shows us that we honor God by submitting to: our government, our employer, and our Church. As Christians, we submit to every human authority, unless obeying earthly authority means disobeying our Heavenly Authority.

Key Takeaways

As we relate to our authority we submit to:

Our Government

  • We obey the law and respect those tasked with enforcing it. True freedom comes from submission.
  • What if you are under evil, unjust government? Lights shine brightest in the darkness; oppression is the garden that Christianity grows in…it’s like fertilizer. The most effective and productive thing you can do is to pray—talk to the One who is in Charge of everyone who is in charge.

Our Employer

When someone tells you what to do, don’t resent the what, respect the who.

  • Are they in charge? Are they asking you to sin?
  • God distributes the promotions. Do you believe that? He works through bad bosses and unfair situations.

Church Leadership

  • A sheep without a shepherd is lunch. A Christian outside the authority of a church is confusing (at best).
  • People who are fully under the authority of God tend to be the ones who thrive under earthly authority.

When do we rebel? When obeying our earthly authority means disobeying our heavenly authority.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  • How are you doing at submitting to the government God has placed over you? To your employer? To your church? Are you more prone to talk (post) about them, or to pray for them?
  • What’s one way this next week that you can—willingly and joyfully—submit to and honor your boss? To go out of your way to encourage them and thank them for your job?
  • Is there anywhere in your life that you are not submitted to the authority of your church? Of God’s Word?