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“Every week, I see the Lord change people’s lives like He changed mine. That never gets old.” – Matt Moss

“To say God was not a part of my life growing up would be an understatement,” said Matt Moss. “I grew up in an atheist home in Syracuse, New York, a relatively ‘unchurched’ northeastern town. My family and most of my friends did not attend church, so my exposure to Christianity was generally limited to glimpses of the televangelists I passed by on my search for cartoons or football on Sunday morning TV.

“My parents were divorced, and my dad didn’t live with us in Syracuse. As a young kid I didn’t think I was missing much not having my dad around. But as an adult, it became obvious that other guys had confidence and self-assurance that I lacked. As I moved into the working world, I realized I didn’t really know what it meant to be a man or what my purpose in life should be. I had lots of questions.

“My first real exposure to Christianity came in my mid-twenties when I met (and eventually married) Carla, who came from a Catholic family. However, when I went to her church, I was left with more questions than answers. How did they know that God exists? Why should I believe that the Bible is the Word of God? I struggled to find someone who could respond to those questions with the facts, logic and the reason I was seeking.

“My search for truth intensified as I approached my late twenties. I had pursued paths that our culture suggested would fill the void I felt in my life. I set a life goal of trying to make as much money as possible, thinking that would bring happiness and fulfillment. I ran with a crowd that thought barhopping and womanizing made you a real man. I was having success as the world might define it: I was on a great career track, and I had married a beautiful, interesting woman. But I was filled with more self-doubt and anxiety than ever.

“It was at that point that I met a couple of guys at work who seemed to have the peace and self-assurance I lacked. They had excelled both academically and vocationally and seemed to have happy marriages. So I set about to learn their story and find out their secret.

“Until that point in my life I believed that religion and faith were for the weak-minded, but those men were able to give a defense of the faith that was both logical and sincere. I thought religious leaders were either money-grubbers or people that couldn’t get another job (sorry, I’m just being honest). But my friends introduced me to a church with leaders who were credible and passionate. Over time I learned that the peace and confidence they possessed were not from their Ivy League degrees or bank accounts, but from the love of God they had personally experienced in their lives.

“After nearly two years of spending time with these guys – including reading the Bible and wrestling through tough questions – I became a believer and follower of Jesus. Since then, the aimlessness of my life has been replaced by biblical direction for making decisions. I have a clear purpose that is far more fulfilling than making money. God’s influence has been transformative in my relationships, most notably with my wife. I have very little confidence that our marriage would have survived without God. I was just too selfish. Most of all, I have the peace of knowing that I am loved by a father in heaven despite my imperfections.

“While I serve on the Great Questions team at Watermark, I meet people who are a lot like I was 15 years ago. Great Questions meets once a week with people who have questions or doubts about beginning a relationship with Christ. Some people are there because they know a little about faith, but the puzzle pieces just aren’t fitting together. Others are there because pain has driven them to question God and His goodness.

“I cannot overstate how much joy it is to serve on the Great Questions team. I don’t feel like I’m someone to whom God has given a lot of spiritual gifts. But I do feel like God is using my experience and the knowledge I’ve gained from my search for truth to help others struggling to answer the most important questions they’ll ever ask.

“I was once an insecure, self-centered man, and I rarely thought beyond myself. Today God is building a legacy of faith in our home, and He has placed me on a team that has the privilege of playing a pivotal part of someone’s spiritual journey. That’s pretty humbling for a guy who once didn’t believe God existed. Every week, I see the Lord change people’s lives like He changed mine. That never gets old.”

Great Questions

If questions and doubts are keeping you from beginning a relationship with God, join us for Great Questions. It is a safe place to ask questions about who Jesus is and what it means to start a relationship with Him.