Roles and Goals

Roles and Goals Hero Image Roles and Goals Hero Image

The older my kids get, the more I realize how many different roles I have in their lives. Many times I'm not sure who I should even be to them in certain stages and seasons of life. Are you with me? One day, you're driving down the road and realize that the human in the car seat behind you is asking some deep questions or you wake up one morning astonished that your sweet five year old is off to be brave at school. And those with older kids are baffled as they struggle with how to connect well with this kid that seems to be growing a little more distant. But no matter the age, our kids need a healthy relationship with their mom. And that my friends, means communication.

A few years ago, I came upon a tool that has been a game changer in this business that is motherhood. Reggie Joiner developed a chart that outlines, and truly simplifies, our roles and goals into four parts of our day. It has blessed my family as we navigate parenting and I'm certain that it will bless your family as well. Check out the chart and visit with your mom friends about how to take advantage of these moments!