Character Trait Review Weekend

Character Trait Review Weekend Hero Image Character Trait Review Weekend Hero Image

This Week’s Finish Line: Review Weekend!

We spent the weekend reviewing everything we have learned so far this year. Between our character traits and We Believe curriculum, we covered quite a lot! Need a refresher for home? We’ve got you covered.

We have learned about four different character traits:

  • Respect - Honoring what God says is true about Himself, others and me
  • Responsibility - Following through with what God has called me to do
  • Fear - Having the right view of God’s perfect authority, justice, and grace
  • Faith - Trusting in God, His Word, and His Promises

And we have learned about two different topics during our “We Believe” Weekends:

  • We Believe: The Bible
  • We Believe: God

Spend time this week revisiting some of our blog posts from this semester about each of these character traits and truths from our We Believe Weekends. Then remind one another about who God is and how we can reflect Him to those around us!


Pray and thank God for the . Ask Him to help you prepare your heart as you look forward to celebrating Christmas this year.

Looking Ahead

Next week we will jump in to our first character trait of the new year: Righteousness!

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