Review Weekend!

Review Weekend! Hero Image Review Weekend! Hero Image

“I am the vine; you are the branches.” Jesus’ simple statement in John 15:5 spoke volumes about the relationship He desires each of us to have with Him. The vine is the source of nutrients and support to the branches. A branch not connected to the vine isn’t just unproductive, it is dead. The vine provided what was essential for life. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing. Until we are connected to Him, we are dead. However, when we remain in Him and He in us, we bring God glory with our lives and become more like Him. He can produce the fruit of Godly character in our lives such as integrity, generosity, kindness, contentment and more! We can never try hard enough to produce this fruit on our own. We have to rely on the one and only giver of life, God, to change us from the inside out.


This weekend we reviewed the character traits we’ve studied so far this school year: knowledge, integrity, generosity, purpose, self-control, kindness, contentment, perseverance and honesty. We also reviewed the Bible Timeline! Click here to review the definition and memory verse for each of our character traits. Spend time reviewing these together as a family this week. Come up with hand motions to help you remember them and quiz each other at random times to help keep things spontaneous and fun! Then encourage your kids by telling them how you have seen them use each of these traits this year. Challenge them to find unique opportunities to show godly character over the summer.

Family Questions:

  1. Which godly character trait would you say is hardest for you? Which is easiest? What trait have you been the most excited to learn about?
  2. How do you “abide” with Jesus daily? What difference does that make in your life?
  3. What kind of fruit is Jesus talking about? If we are sick on the inside, can we produce good fruit on the outside? Why not?
  4. How are we like branches? What can we do apart from Jesus? What can happen when we are connected to Him? ( Remind your kids that we can do nothing apart from Jesus. The character traits we learn about describe who God is and what He’s like. When we trust and abide with Jesus, He produces these character traits in us too, and we better reflect what God is like to the world!)
  5. Read John 15:1-9. How is Jesus like the vine? Why is the vine essential to the branches?


Thank God for being the perfect example of every character trait we’ve studied this year. Ask Him to continue to develop godly character in your life. Thank God for specific things He has taught you over the last few months. Pray for specific kids and families in your small group and for the ministry as a whole.

Looking Ahead

Next month we will begin our new character trait, MERCY!