We can be responsible for our commitments because we serve a perfect Master

We can be responsible for our commitments because we serve a perfect Master Hero Image

We live in a society today where people struggle to keep the commitments they make. When you say you’re going to do something, does it get done? When you RSVP for an event, do you always go? When you tell someone you’ll be praying for them, do you actually pray? Every one of these opportunities is a gift from God He wants you to use to bring glory to Himself.

RESPONSIBILITY: Being someone that God can count on

MEMORY VERSE: “Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done and you won’t need to compare yourself to others. For we are each responsible for our own conduct.” Galatians 6:4-5

This Week’s Finish Line: I can pay careful attention to my commitments!

Jesus tells us a story in Matthew 25:14-30 about a Master that commits his wealth to three servants while he’s away. Two of the servants trust in the goodness of their Master and work hard with the talents he gave them. The third servant views the Master as harsh and unkind so is irresponsible with the talent he has. They were each given talents according to their ability but only the two servants who had the right view of their Master followed through on their commitment.

All of the things, abilities and circumstances we have in our lives are gifts from our perfect Master, God. How you view God will determine how you will take care of everything He’s given you. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are all created special by God and given responsibilities that will bring Him glory.

Family Questions:

  1. Did the Master make the servants commit to something more than they could handle? Which verse answers that question for you?
  2. What differences do you see between the first two servants and the last servant? How did they view their Master differently?
  3. Did the last servant take responsibility for his commitments or blame someone else? Who did he blame?
  4. Who is your Master? What words would you use to describe God? How does what you think about God impact the way you follow through on your commitments?

Bring It Home: 3 Activities About Keeping Our Commitments

God’s Promises

Commitments are like promises. When you say you’re going to do something, people expect you to stick to your word. Would you say you’re good at keeping your promises? God has made us promises all throughout Scripture and He has kept every single one. Write down every promise you can think of that God made to us in the Bible. When you sit down and eat together as a family, everyone pick one promise to thank God for keeping this week.

Commitment Cards

This week in small group the kids each thought of one thing they would commit to doing 5 days this week. It could be anything from doing chores without complaining, reading the Bible or setting the table for dinner. They wrote down what they committed to do on cards and took them home. Ask your kids what they chose to do this week. Keep them accountable to following through on the commitment they made. Even if your child didn’t bring home a card, work together to think of one thing your whole family can be responsible to do each day this week.

Commit to God’s Word

This week make a commitment with your whole family to memorize this month’s memory verse about responsibility. Keep a copy of the verse in your car so you can practice whenever you’re traveling. Write it in dry erase marker on your mirror so you can read it when getting ready in the morning. If everyone in your family is responsible for their commitment to memorize the verse, take everyone out to celebrate!

Prayer: Matthew 25:21

Thank God for the gifts, talents and circumstances He’s trusted you with in your life. Thank Him for being the good and perfect Master who loves you and always keeps His promises. Thank Him for the abilities He’s given you to follow through on all your commitments. Ask Him to help you be a faithful servant with a few things so He will bless you with more responsibility and you can share in His joy!

Talk Back

Tell us one thing you family has committed to doing this week. How are you reinforcing responsibility with your kids?

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