Learning Respect Through the Life of Eric Liddell

Learning Respect Through the Life of Eric Liddell Hero Image

This Week’s Finish Line: Eric Liddell is a modern day hero that showed RESPECT!

Today we kicked off our very first character trait for the year, RESPECT. Our definition for respect is “honoring what God says is true about Himself, others and you.” The memory verse the kids are learning this month is 1 PETER 2:17 NLT. We introduced respect by looking at the life of Eric Liddell. Liddell was a world famous runner who refused to run the 100 meter dash in the 1924 Olympics because the preliminaries were on Sunday. Instead he ran as an underdog in the 400 meter race and won gold. After the Olympics he moved to China to be a missionary until his death in a prison camp during WWII. His life was marked by respect for God and His Word, others, authorities and himself.

Bring it Home: 3 Ways to Reinforce Respect

Looking at the Life of a Hero

Ask your kids their favorite part of Eric Liddell’s story from today. How was he able to show respect with every aspect of his life? Ask your kids what they would do if faced with a similar decision and then watch Liddell’s gold medal winning race. You can also watch “Chariots of Fire” which tells the story of Liddell and Harold Abraham’s journey to the Paris Olympics in 1924.

What God’s Word Says about Respect

Read Revelation 4:11, Matthew 25:40, Romans 13:1-2 and Ephesians 2:10. What do these verses say is true about God, others and you? Are there people in your life that are hard to respect? How can remembering what God says is true about everyone help you show respect the next time you’re with them? How do you show respect for God by showing respect to others?

Family Rules of Respect Mobile

Begin by brainstorming a list of ways that family members can demonstrate respect for each other. Before opening the discussion for suggestions, be sure to explain to your kids that during the brainstorming, no idea is a bad idea. Once you have outlined and selected your own “family respect rules” you can help your children learn the rules by making a mobile. Have your children come up with one small object that can be hung up to remind them of each rule that was selected. Hang these little objects as reminders for each rule, on a string across an area of the house that is frequented often (e.g. the dining area).

This activity is from Focus on the Family, Canada’s website called Kids of Integrity. For more ways to reinforce, remind and reflect on what your kids learned about  this week, visit their lesson on respect for bible stories to talk about, ways to pray for your child and more activities to do at home.

Prayer: 1 Peter 2:17

Pray 1 Peter 2:17 for you and your kids. Ask God to help you learn from the example Eric Liddell set with his life. Ask Him to remind you what He says is true about Himself, others and you so that you, too, can be an example of respect for others. Thank God for always being in control, having the best way and for how He showed His love for us on the cross.