Strengthen Your Parent-Child Relationship

Strengthen Your Parent-Child Relationship Hero Image Strengthen Your Parent-Child Relationship Hero Image

Relationships are hard, yet glorious. They can be uncomfortable or a priceless treasure. They can force us into tough places or encourage us into wonderful ones.

Even just this week, I sat at breakfast with a friend and our time together was an encouragement for us both. Just moments after that breakfast ended, I had to dive head first into an apology with another friend. I had made some careless decisions that hurt her and I needed to humble myself and apologize.

In Matthew 22, Jesus tells us to "love your neighbor as yourself." We have read that. We have heard that. We know it to be true, but it can be one of the hardest things we do. Loving others does not always come easily. We tend to forget the importance of people. We become annoyed, frustrated, entitled, inconvenienced, and uninterruptible. Relationships are hard work! Thankfully, Christ is the ultimate example of loving others. He wasn't bothered by others' race, social status, obvious emotions, preconceived ideas, culture, age, personality, or health conditions. It didn't matter if you were His disciple and friend, or if he had only known you a few moments. No matter what - you were worthy of loving. What a challenge for us to do the same!

This month at The Nest on the Dallas campus, we had the chance to narrow in on some specific relationships that are woven into our lives as mommas. We discussed boys, girls, tweens, in-laws, neighbors, siblings, and community. We also discussed being unoffendable and how to handle sticky situations. A handful of those talks were recorded and can be found below. I hope that each of these encourage you to love those around you with Christ-like love.

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