QuestCare Clinic, a Watermark Community Church Partnership

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Laura Trent and Ryan Martin have a passion for medical missions. Trips to Africa, Haiti and other locations have shown each how God’s love can be demonstrated through medical and physical needs. In the fall, they will begin a different kind of medical mission – this time much closer to home. Ryan, Laura, Dr. Matt Bush and others will launch QuestCare Clinic, a Watermark Community Church Partnership. QuestCare Clinic will offer acute medical care, health care education and other resources to the underinsured and uninsured in Dallas. The clinic will be located at 9780 LBJ Freeway, Suite 124 in Dallas, near the intersection of LBJ Freeway and Skillman Avenue.

The engine that will make the clinic run is volunteer support both from the medical community and people with the gift of administration, service, pastoral care and more. Here is how Laura and Ryan became involved with the mission at QuestCare Clinic and how you can take part.

What drew you to serve at QuestCare Clinic?

Ryan: I went to Haiti 12 days after the earthquake on a medical mission. It was an awesome experience to provide medical care, minister to others and show God’s love. Medicine is an avenue for me to engage with other people, and I do not have to go to Haiti to do that. The clinic is an opportunity to reach out and serve people right here in our neighborhood.

Laura: After graduating from Baylor nursing school, I spent 3 ½ months in Zambia working at a clinic, which was really a tent that served 125 kids a day. I fell in love with serving people who had little to no access to healthcare. The experience demonstrated that health education and a holistic spiritual approach can truly transform a community. That’s where my passion for sharing my faith with patients and educating them on health issues like diabetes management, nutrition and prenatal care was born. We’ll get to do all of that and more at QuestCare Clinic.

Do volunteers have to be from the medical field?

RYAN : We need everyone’s help to serve the community. Volunteers can help with pastoral care, translating, administrative work and helping connect patients with other local resources and ministries in and outside of Watermark. If you have a skill, we could probably use it. In the field of medicine, we need professionals to work on-site and others who are willing to take referrals. Advanced practice professionals, registered nurses, patient care technicians, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, x-ray technicians and others are needed.

RYAN: I got into health care because I wanted to help people. As a Christian, I also wanted to serve God by serving other people, and medicine is a good avenue to engage with others. We all have a condition that needs more than medical attention. We need Jesus, and Quest- Care Clinic is an opportunity for us to share Christ with others while meeting physical and medical needs. How will QuestCare Clinic be different from other clinics?

LAURA: On the practical side, we will treat people, regardless of their ability to pay. But as health care practitioners and volunteers, we’ll also have the freedom to talk about faith in Christ while we are working with patients. Especially for medical professionals, we are not always able to do that at work.

What’s the goal for QuestCare clinic?

Ryan: QuestCare Clinic is a place where people with medical training and volunteers with other gifts can glorify God while diagnosing and treating people physically and spiritually. The clinic will be a safe place where we can build relationships with people living nearby.

Laura: Our team is committed to changing the physical and spiritual health of that zip code for the long run. It will take the body of Christ and health professionals to make that happen. If you’re in the field of medicine, this is a great place to utilize your gifts. If you’re someone with a passion for organizing, educating people or reaching out during a crisis, please join us. If the Lord has given you a gift, QuestCare Clinic can use it.

Be Part of the Medical Mission Right in Your Back Yard

Located near LBJ Freeway and Skillman, QuestCare Clinic offers medical care to uninsured and underinsured Dallas residents, regardless of their ability to pay. Approximately 90,000 people live within two miles of the clinic:

• 49% of children live below the federal poverty line

• the average income is lower than 83% of U.S. neighborhoods Both medical and non-medical professionals are needed including:

• Advanced practice professionals

• Registered nurses

• Patient care technicians

• Physical and respiratory therapists

• Nutritionists

• Receptionists

• Translators

• Accountants

• Men and women to provide pastoral care

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