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The Enneagram seems to be the topic of conversation at every turn. I've found it to be super helpful in my friendships, in our community group, and even with my spouse. But how can I begin to understand my kids in these ways before their personality has even fully developed? I found a great resource that has helped us and I want to pass it along to other families. We purchased Kid's Flag Page for Christmas one year and took some time to let each kid work through it. Be careful not to call it a game because our kids did not think it was particularly exciting, but they did enjoy the cards and thinking through their choices. By the end, each kid in our family was able to identify which "country" they were from: Fun country, Peace country, Control country, or Perfect country.

It was eye opening for me to realize that one reason why there is always some sort of unrest in our home is that 4/6 of my family was from Control country. We had great conversation around how we would need to be more flexible because all four people cannot possibly be in control all the time. We also had a greater understanding for the feelings of those from Peace country and decided to bring out more opportunities of the fun as it looked like that was needed as well.

If you're looking for a tool that could help you discover what your child loves, uncover what motivates them, and ultimately help you connect with their heart, Kid's Flag Page might be helpful. As a word of caution, it is pretty expensive. I recommend buying it with the intention to share it with your community group, your square one group, or any small group of moms!