Parenting Conversations: Worry and Anxiety

Parenting Conversations: Worry and Anxiety Hero Image Parenting Conversations: Worry and Anxiety Hero Image

Be sure to catch the full "Parenting Conversations" panel discussion featuring Todd & Alex Wagner, Beau Fournet, Tracey Beckwith, David Penuel and Wes Butler. You can check it out on the Watermark Family Ministry Podcast.

Anxiety among children and teens is an increasingly prominent challenge within the American family today. How can we as Christian parents prepare ourselves and our children for this battle for peace and contentment in our homes? How can we help our children who may struggle with these issues and create an environment of security and authenticity that enables us to talk about it?

In addition to the information shared in the audio/video, we've collected some other resources you might find helpful as you seek to equip yourself for the amazing privilege of shepherding the hearts of our kids through all the joys and trials of this world.

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