Parenting: Consider the Bigger Picture

Parenting: Consider the Bigger Picture Hero Image Parenting: Consider the Bigger Picture Hero Image

A story was once told of a traveler that came upon three bricklayers working on what appeared to be the outer wall of the new building. When the traveler asked the first worker what he was doing, the man replied, “laying bricks.” Curious, he asked the second worker the same question, but this bricklayer replied, “putting up a wall.” Finally he asked the third bricklayer. His response took the traveler by surprise: “I am building a cathedral.”

Our journey of parenting is deeply impacted by our ability to have a big picture view of life. As moms, we are not just in the business of diaper changes and discipline. We are not merely raising a child. Consider that we are part of something so much greater! We have been chosen by the Lord to help build His cathedrals.

Just like the bricklayer, three things shift into focus when we can see the bigger picture: our perspective, our purpose and our plan.

During a Nest event earlier this month, Mandy Sisco unpacked these three aspects motivating moms to gain perspective, understand purpose, and take aim at a plan. Listen HERE and be inspired to consider the bigger picture.

Handouts from The Nest: Consider Bigger Picture Handout