The Most Creative Opportunities from This Year's Give & Go Site

The Most Creative Opportunities from This Year's Give & Go Site Hero Image

If you've been visiting the External Focus blog weekly, we wanted to let you know that we're moving to a once-a-month schedule for now. And we might scatter a few additional "special editions" on occasion. The easiest way to know when we post? Subscribe at the bottom of this page!

I don't know if you've gotten the chance to see our annual Give & Go summer opportunities list yet. As usual, it's at

Clearly, I'm biased. I'm on Watermark's External Focus Team. But I have to say the list is pretty phenomenal - maybe the best ever. Why? Not only is it chock-full of great service opportunities (46 at last count!), but our Ministry Partners and External Focus leaders have come up with some of the most creative opportunities I've seen.

So while I risk accidentally "playing favorites," I wanted to share the most surprising chances to serve this summer... as judged solely by me. (You can send your complaints to And of course, we hope you'll read the whole list - it's pretty great.

It's not the jungle. But it IS medical missions.

The brilliant gals and guys at QuestCare Clinic have built an awesome equipping event for anyone (1) in the medical field, or (2) considering the medical field. The topic? Sharing your faith within the context of your medical job. They know it's tricky! But they've got some ideas. Look for "Equipping: Spiritual Conversations in the Medical World" on the Give & Go list.

"Adopt" was rarely more apt.

Our newest partner, Buckner International, offers an incredible chance just for Community Groups: "Adopt a Foster Family!" You'll be praying for, connecting with, and encouraging vulnerable children and their courageous new families. If you're drawn to support families who are stepping out in faith, this could be your next great effort as a CG.

Take part in restoring the beautiful.

Part of Reclaimed's mission is caring for those who have been trapped in the sex industry in any of its forms.Your whole family can help get a safe home in East Dallas ready for women moving out of this life. "Work Day at a Safe Home" might be the most powerful housework you've done in awhile.

Speaking of beautiful...

Have you heard about Glow? For years now, Watermark has set aside a summer Monday to host ladies from our various ministry partners. We give them a "day of beauty" outside and in - from makeovers to massage, workshops to worship. It's an amazing day but needs LOTS of volunteers in a variety of roles. It's definitely worth volunteering somehow so you can see it in action...

Valuing life can begin early.

Thrive Women's Clinic not only fights for babies, but they recognize that Christian parents should begin sharing the value of life with their own kids! So they're offering a family-oriented "Teach Your Child to Value Life" tour in July. What a cool idea! (And if you've got any baby items cluttering up your garage, they'll be glad to take those too...)

Your story. Your craft. Your game. Their reward.

Exodus Ministries offers the chance to "Build Your Own Bible Club" for kids recently reunited with their parents (following prison). And a six-week Bible Club this summer is a great way to offer fun, relationships, and Jesus. If you grabbed some buddies, this could be the biggest thing you build this summer.

Gather 'round the fireplace (yes, in summer).

Our friends at Cornerstone Crossroads Academy thought up a great way to connect with and learn about their awesome South Dallas school. They'll hold a "CCA Prayer & Share" by the Watermark Dallas fireplace a few Saturday afternoons this summer, before the Saturday worship service. Light the fire... of impacting kids, that is. (Get it?)

External comes internal.

Did you know that the folks serving with Welcome Home connect with homeless men and women in Dallas and drive them to Watermark on Sundays? It's true! This great External Focus partner helps people participate with our family, disciples them long-term, and feeds them lunch as well. That's a great first step if you want to check out their ministry - look for "Lunch with the Homeless at Watermark" on the Give & Go page.

Red card. Header. Off sides. Penalty kick.

I may not know the world of soccer, but I still think it's fantastic that we can volunteer with Love Is to run a soccer league in Vickery Meadow. VM is one of the top refugee neighborhoods in the country and right next to Lake Highlands, so "Summer Soccer League" is both a powerful opportunity and is likely to be one that fills up fast.

Everyone loves sharing their opinions.

Thrive Women's Clinic is asking volunteers to put on their thinking caps this summer - and not once, but twice! In June they're holding a focus group for guys and ladies around social media use. In August, they're asking for women to brainstorm about some Thrive events (so No Boys Allowed at that one). Thrive is helping parents choose life; we can add our brainpower to the fight. Look for "Focus Group" and "Women's Brainstorming Session, respectively.

Bring the word, on a Wednesday.

Watermark people have the cool chance to lead "Wednesday Word & Worship" at Interfaith Family Services three different evenings this summer. (As you might suspect, they're on Wednesday evenings.) Volunteers can greet, serve food, play with kids, teach the message, and lead worship - so to prepare, you'll might need a chef's hat. Or Bible commentaries. Or both.

Yee-haw! Saddle up! There's a snake in my boot!

I may not know the world of cowboys (though I know it better than the world of soccer). But that doesn't mean I'm not excited about a good ol' "Back to School Cowboy Carnival" at Brother Bill's Helping Hand. This is one of those awesome moments when families from throughout West Dallas flock to Brother Bill's, and it's worth joining the glorious hubbub.

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