​Meeting Financial Needs In and Through the Church

​Meeting Financial Needs In and Through the Church Hero Image ​Meeting Financial Needs In and Through the Church Hero Image

Whether you are interacting with homeless individuals we encounter on the street or longtime friends who are facing financial difficulties due to illness, we are called to respond with wisdom and compassion. Use this guide as a tool as you respond biblically to giving opportunities and process decisions about giving in the context of community.


Moneywise is committed to helping you develop solid money management skills and we desire to equip, inspire and challenge you to live with an eternal mindset by embracing a life of stewardship and generosity. From live classes, to archived messages, to a small group curriculum, we have a variety of tools to help you better understand financial stewardship. Sign up for our next session by clicking here.


The Bible is clear that there is a direct correlation between your relationship to material things and your relationship to God. In fact, money and possessions are the chief rival god in most people's lives, as it can steal your heart from God (Matthew 6:21). Below are several messages on money, giving and how to steward our money, talent and treasure in a way that honors god, as well as a link to the pdf, "Meeting Financial Needs In and Through the Church."