Loved and Worthy

Loved and Worthy Hero Image Loved and Worthy Hero Image

“When I was young, I learned from my family that my emotions and feelings were wrong,” said Sara Fusco. “I kept things to myself, especially my feelings and negative experiences, like being physically and sexually abused. I didn’t have a close relationship with either of my parents, and had learned that home wasn’t a safe place for me. I had major trust issues and sought positive attention through accomplishments and perfectionism.

“I first heard the gospel of Christ through a Bible study hosted by two girls on my high school soccer team. I learned of God’s gift of eternal life through His Son, Jesus (Romans 6:23) – and that I can have a personal relationship with Him. I was shocked that God wanted a relationship with me. That night I gave my life to Christ, admitted my sins, and told God I trusted Him. It made an eternal difference in my life, but it didn’t immediately take away my feelings of being worthless and unlovable.

“I spent much of college searching for worth, security, and love. I look back and can see that regardless of my unfaithful actions, the Lord was pursuing me the whole time. He used the time I spent with Christian friends to change my heart. Small steps of obedience and time spent learning about Christ helped me decide I wanted to walk in His ways instead of my own. I wanted to turn away from selfish, worldly living and put down my exhausting self-reliance that had led to depression. God calls us to obey His truth through the Spirit and love one another fervently (1 Peter 1:22). I finally had a desire to do so.

“As my thoughts and actions started to change, I needed a way to process my past experiences and family issues. I started counseling with a leader at my church, and before diving into any of my issues, we spent the first three or four months studying the Bible. I needed to know who God says I am before I could combat what the world or my family said. I started to have a real hunger for knowing God’s Word.

“When we studied Psalm 139, I learned God doesn’t make mistakes. I learned my worth is from God, not in what I said or did, or in what others said or did to me. It was freeing and life-altering for me to see that God truly loves me and says I am worthy. I can say with full confidence that my satisfaction, worth, and security are found in Him.

“This freedom and new knowledge of Scripture helped me process how hurts from my past impacted my relationship with God and others. The issues that affected my life had to be addressed directly with Truth, and for so long, I didn’t know Truth. Trusting in Christ and learning the Bible allowed me to forgive and find healing in a way that logic never could. God is the only source of Truth, and He has truly transformed my heart and mind (Romans 12:2). When I attack the lies of this world with the truth of God’s Word, the lies no longer carry weight or have power over me.

“God says He will never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). No matter how far I’ve felt from Him, He has never left me. I can look at Scripture and be reminded that He is always there. If I don’t feel a close relationship to the Lord, it’s because I have turned away, not because He has left me. I am convinced that there is no place better than squarely in His will, doing His work, and furthering His Kingdom.

“As I abide with Him, I’m able to use what I’ve learned to pour into the lives of others through teaching, mentoring, and leading in Women’s Bible Study. From feeling worthless and unlovable to experiencing the great love of Christ, God set me on a path where I can now help others know they are loved and worthy in the Lord. I can speak truth into their pain because I’ve been there before. Over and over, I see the Lord redeem my story and use it for His Kingdom. God never desired my hard past for me, but He uses it for good. I am truly humbled that He would allow me to be a vessel to reach other people for His glory.

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to encourage you to know God’s Word more deeply, to obey His Word more fully, and to share His Word more freely. To God be the glory.”