Three Lazarus Lives Again Activities for Preschoolers: Starting Blocks Playbook

Three Lazarus Lives Again Activities for Preschoolers: Starting Blocks Playbook Hero Image

Over the past few weeks we have learned how Jesus has power over sickness, power to give us what we need, and power over nature. That is enough right there to stop and rejoice, but it gets even better. Through the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead we learn that He has power even over death. What joy and what hope we have in Christ! Let the truth of His power encourage you as you share these activities with your little ones this week.

Highlights from Sunday…

This week your child learned that Jesus was able to do things nobody else can do. He even has power over death. One day, Lazarus became very sick. His sisters, Mary and Martha, sent a messenger to tell Jesus they needed him right away. Jesus waited two days before even starting his trip to go see them. Before Jesus got to them Lazarus died. Mary and Martha were very sad and told Jesus their brother would still be alive if he had gotten there in time. Jesus was so sad to see Martha and Mary crying that he cried, too. Then he got up, went to the grave of Lazarus and said, “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus came out of the tomb wrapped in burial clothes. He was alive! (John 11:1-44)

Teaching Truth:

  1. A miracle is something wonderful that only God can do.
  2. Jesus has power over death.

Memory Verse:

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

Here’s a simple song to help your child (and you) memorize this week’s memory verse!

3 Activities that remind us that Jesus Has Power Over Death:

1. Snack Wraps

During snack time, grab a gingerbread cookie or any other large shaped cookie that looks like a person. Cut a fruit roll up into strips. As you read the story of Lazarus, have your child wrap his Lazarus cookie in the strips. When you read the part of the story when Jesus calls Lazarus out of the tomb, have your child unwrap Lazarus. Once the story is over, have your child enjoy his snack while you talk with him about the story using these questions:

  1. What is a miracle? (something wonderful only God can do)
  2. What happened to Lazarus?
  3. Who brought Lazarus back to life?
  4. Who has power over death?

2. He's Alive!

Let your child paint and decorate an extra shoe box to be a tomb. Place the box upside down and cut a small doorway into one side of the box, creating an opening into the tomb. Have your child crumple a piece or two of brown construction paper forming rocks to cover the opening of the tomb. Next, let your child choose a small stuffed animal or doll that can be Lazarus and use some toilet paper to wrap Lazarus. Act out the story of Lazarus, wrap up stuffed animal Lazarus in the toilet paper as he dies, place him in the shoe box tomb, and cover the entrance with the construction paper rocks. When Jesus calls Lazarus out of the tomb, take the stuffed animal Lazarus out and unwrap him.

3. Jesus Raised Him Back Again!

Sing this song with your child to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

Lazarus, Lazarus, he was Jesus’ friend

He got sick and died one day

Jesus raised him back again!


Dear God,

We know you are so powerful you can do anything! We can call you when we need help and you will answer us. Even though we sometimes have to wait until you are ready to help, you will always come to us and help us with even the hardest things we can imagine. Help us to trust in your perfect timing.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons