Watermark Kids Summer Activities 2022

Watermark Kids Summer Activities 2022 Hero Image Watermark Kids Summer Activities 2022 Hero Image

Summer is officially upon us, along with the seemingly endless possibilities of what summer could be like for your family. We often start with high hopes and expectations only to end the summer wondering what happened to all the time we thought we had. In order to help you make the most out of your time this summer, we put together a resource with simple ideas of how to be intentional and create fun memories with your family, community group, and neighbors.

For eight weeks, we are reclaiming one “national holiday” each week to encourage you to either GROW, PLAY, SERVE, or REST. There is a weekly activity based on the holiday, Scripture for you to read, and questions or conversation starters to use with your family. In addition to these specific activities, we have provided additional ideas for each of the four categories which you can use in any way that works best for your family.

We are praying that you will deepen your theology of God and His Church as you GROW, make a large church feel smaller by PLAYING together, love our city while you SERVE, and strengthen your family when you take time to REST.

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