Preschool Kit for September 6

Preschool Kit for September 6 Hero Image Preschool Kit for September 6 Hero Image

New to the Kit or looking for helpful hints on how to use it? Check out the Kids Kit Tips and Tricks - Preschool Edition where we share detailed instructions about the resources below.

Our goal for preschool curriculum is to build a foundation of biblical knowledge so preschoolers will know the major stories of the Bible and how they fit together into God’s big story. Our curriculum is organized into 12 units and we teach the major stories of the Bible in mostly chronological order. Each week there is a Teaching Truth which is the most important thing we want kids to hear and learn about God and His Story that week.

This Week's Teaching Video

Additional Resources for September 6

  • Discussion Guide Continue the conversation with your preschool kids using these simple questions
  • Activity Guide Hands-on activities for preschoolers to help reinforce this week’s Teaching Truth
  • Memory Verse Song Help kids learn the memory verse through song
  • Preschool Spotify Playlist A playlist of some of our favorite songs
  • Special Needs Kit We know some of our amazing kids have special needs or other learning challenges. Here are tools to help you share the Bible story in a simple way with your child.

More ways to have a great week of worship...

Use these activities to keep talking about and applying what you learned this weekend throughout the week.

1. Star Mobile

SUPPLIES: Paper plate, yellow construction paper, markers, yarn or string

Grab a paper plate and cut out several stars from yellow construction paper. On the stars draw or attach one person’s picture from your family, continue drawing or attaching pictures of family members until you have included everyone. Punch a hole in the top of each star and tie a piece of yarn to it. Also punch holes in the paper plate and tie the other end of the yarn to the paper plate. In the center of the paper plate write, “God always keeps His promises.”

2. A Night with the Stars


One evening this week, read the story of Abraham together from a children’s Bible. Remind everyone about God’s promise to Abraham and then talk about the questions below. Afterwards, head outside once it gets dark and see how many stars you can count in the sky.

  • What was God’s promise to Abraham? (God promised to give Abraham a big family that would bless the whole world.)
  • What was Abraham’s response? (Abraham trusted God.)
  • Can we trust God to keep His promises? (Yes. He always does what He says He will do.)
  • Is anything too hard for God? (No. He can do anything.)

3. My Family

SUPPLIES: Black construction paper, white or yellow crayons

Grab a sheet of black construction paper and write, “My Family,” at the top in white crayon. Help your child draw large stars on the construction paper with white or yellow crayons. Then, write the names of family members on the stars. Talk about all the blessings God has given you and your family. Remind your child that God kept His promise to Abraham and He will always keep His promises to us.