Elementary Kit for October 11

Elementary Kit for October 11 Hero Image Elementary Kit for October 11 Hero Image

New to the Kit or looking for helpful hints on how to use it? Check out the Kids Kit Tips and Tricks - Elementary Edition where we share detailed instructions about the resources below.

Our elementary curriculum builds on the biblical foundation laid for kids in preschool. We want elementary kids to see the excellent character of our all-powerful God and why He is the hero of every story. We do that by looking at 36 godly character traits – one per month – with weekly Finish Lines that teach kids about God, His Word, and how He can help us reflect His character to the world.

Our character trait for October is DISCERNMENT! Check out the Monthly Overview for a snapshot of everything we will be learning about this month.

This Week's Teaching Video

Additional Resources for October 11

  • Discussion Guide Continue the conversation with elementary kids using these discussion questions
  • Activity Guide Simple activities to help elementary kids review what they learned from the lesson this week
  • Drama Script Get creative and perform this week’s skit together
  • Elementary Spotify Playlist A playlist of some of our favorite songs
  • Special Needs Kit We know some of our amazing kids have special needs or other learning challenges. Here are tools to help you share the Bible story in a simple way with your child.

More ways to have a great week of worship...

Use these activities to keep talking about and applying what you learned this weekend throughout the week.

Teacher: Meal Time

Parents, share with your kids a time when you were faced with a decision and you took time to stop and pray before you made your choice. What happened? Have you ever decided or said something without stopping to think about it? What do you wish you could have done differently? Share with your kids why discernment matters to you and how you have seen our memory verse, Proverbs 3:5-6, prove itself to be true in your own life.

Friend: Drive Time

When you come to a red light, practice saying this month’s memory verse, Proverbs 3:5-6. See if you can say the whole verse before the light turns green. If it changes before you finish, pause saying the verse and pick up where you left off at the next light. You can also see who can say it the fastest as well as who can say it in the funniest voice (character, animals, loud, quiet, etc.).

Counselor: Bedtime

When you stop and pray, you can take time to ask God for help, just like Daniel did in Daniel 2. God can help direct you so you can make wise choices instead of acting foolishly. Talk about times you may need to make decisions and use discernment tomorrow. Stop and pray before bed that you will seek His will instead of depending on your own understanding.

Coach: Anytime

When we stop and pray before we act, we demonstrate discernment by seeking the wisdom and direction of our all-knowing God. To illustrate seeking discernment, play a game of Mother May I. Find a spot inside or outside to play. Have one person act as “Mother.” Everyone else will stand away at a distance. Each person will ask “Mother” if he or she can do something to move forward. For example, one person might say, “Mother, may I take 3 hops forward?” “Mother” can then decide if the person can or cannot do the motion or change it up. For example, “Mother” might say, “No, but you can take 4 baby steps forward.” The goal is for someone to make it to “Mother” first.


Father thank you for always helping me when I ask. Help me to lean on your own understanding before I act.