Special Needs Kit for May 31

Special Needs Kit for May 31 Hero Image Special Needs Kit for May 31 Hero Image

We know that some of our kids have special needs or other learning challenges. We want to encourage you to create an inclusive experience, giving your kids with special or additional needs the opportunity to participate in the Preschool and Elementary Kit activities alongside their siblings and peers.

This kit is available to you if you need supplemental materials and resources that support our Preschool and Elementary curriculums. We know each child is unique so feel free to adjust and use these resources in a way that is most beneficial to you and your kids.

New to this kit, looking for helpful hints, or curious about our recommended teaching schedule? Check out this guide, Kids Kit Tips and Tricks - Special Needs Edition, where we share detailed instructions about the resources below. You can also check out the original intro video we created when we first introduced the kit.

This Week's Teaching Video

Curriculum Resources for May 31

  • Storyboard Images to help you tell this week's Bible story in a simple way
  • Coloring Page An image from the storyboard kids can color while you remind them of what they learned today
  • Unit Song Move your body and have fun while watching this music video, which reinforces today’s teaching truth
  • Memory Verse Song Help kids learn the memory verse through song
  • Memory Verse Poster Help kids learn the memory verse through pictures
  • Preschool Kit For additional resources on today’s story, check out this week's preschool kit