Elementary Kit for June 14

Elementary Kit for June 14 Hero Image Elementary Kit for June 14 Hero Image

New to the Kit or looking for helpful hints on how to use it? Check out the Kids Kit Tips and Tricks - Elementary Edition where we share detailed instructions about the resources below.

Our elementary curriculum builds on the biblical foundation laid for kids in preschool. We want elementary kids to see the excellent character of our all-powerful God and why He is the hero of every story. We do that by looking at 36 godly character traits – one per month – with weekly Finish Lines that teach kids about God, His Word, and how He can help us reflect His character to the world.

Our character trait for June is DILIGENCE! Check out the Monthly Overview for a snapshot of everything we will be learning about this month.

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Additional Resources for June 14

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Use these activities to keep talking about and applying what you learned this weekend throughout the week.

Teacher: Meal Time

Make a list as a family of some of the work God has given you to do. (Examples: Obey your parents, love your brothers and sisters, serve Him, share the Gospel, encourage others, etc.) Read 2 Peter 1:3. What does Peter tell us that God gives to everyone who believes in Him? How does God help us be diligent in our work? (God gives us everything we need for living a godly life. That means He gives you what you need to obey your parents, love your siblings, to do what you know is right even when it’s really hard, etc. He is with you in every single part of your life.)

Friend: Drive Time

Make up hand motions to help you memorize this month’s memory verse (1 Corinthians 15:58). Once you have it down, try to sing the memory verse to the tune of whatever song comes on the radio next. Keep playing until you find a song that fits!

Counselor: Bedtime

Think back to the list you made at dinner about what God has called you to do. Choose at least one thing from that list and pray about it, asking God to give you what you need to carry out that work diligently.

Coach: Anytime

God has given believers all that they need in order to live a godly life through His Word, His Spirit, and His people. Without Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We would have no hope to be restored to the Father. Most things in life will not thrive without the necessary tools. God has given us examples of this concept throughout nature. We can especially see this when gardening. Without soil, seeds, water, and sun, a plant cannot grow and thrive. To demonstrate this, take two cups or pots and fill them with soil. Plants seeds of your choosing into each cup and water them. Place one cup outside where it can receive the proper sunlight. With the other cup, place it in a dark room or in a place where it will not receive adequate sunlight. Continue to water the plant and observe it over the coming days and week. Have your child note which one grows and which was does not and why.


Thank God for always giving us what we need to do His work. Ask Him to help you be diligent with whatever He wants you to do this week.