Kaleidoscope Kit for April 5th

Kaleidoscope Kit for April 5th Hero Image Kaleidoscope Kit for April 5th Hero Image

Hello parents! We are so glad you are taking the time to teach your children the Bible. This is especially important right now when our kids need to hear Truth, just like we do. We know that some of our amazing children have special needs or other learning challenges. We hope these tools will help you share the Bible story in a simple way with your child each week.

Kaleidoscope Curriculum Kit for April 5th

1) Intro: Tell your child what they will be learning about in one sentence: “Today we will be learning about Jesus, who died to save us from all our sins.” Show them the storyboard and point to the main character or idea. (1 minute)

2) Teach: Watch the Teaching Video, even if your child is only able to engage for a few minutes. This will help introduce the story and set up the main idea you will be teaching. (5 minutes)

3) Re-Tell: Tell the Bible Story using the visual storyboard. The images will help you tell the story in a simple way. Let your child point to images they want to learn more about! (2-3 minutes)

4) Multi-Sensory Moments: Give your child the opportunity to engage in multi-sensory activities to help reinforce what they just learned! (5-10 minutes+)
- Unit Song: Watch and worship together. Move your body and have fun!
- Coloring Page: While they're coloring, reiterate what they learned today.

5) Memory Verse: Help your child memorize the same memory verse their siblings and peers are learning! Go over it once or twice together today at the end of your lesson time. Review it every day until you have it memorized! (2-3 minutes)

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