Journey With Us Through Romans in 2018

Journey With Us Through Romans in 2018 Hero Image Journey With Us Through Romans in 2018 Hero Image

Why Read Romans?

In Romans, we discover the character of God: first, perfectly holy; then, sacrificially loving; and finally, completely sovereign—over all of creation, over government, over all of history. We learn that He is the one true God, who is faithful to keep his promises to us, to Israel, to his Word. If there were ever a speech worth listening to or a letter worth reading, it is this one. With so much truth about our reality without Christ and the freedom and hope in Christ, instruction on handling the law, and the life available to us in the Spirit, a year spent in Romans is a year well spent.

That’s why we’re excited to study Romans this year. Across our campuses, there will be several opportunities to study and meditate on the truths found in Romans.

You can view a brief overview of the Book of Romans by clicking play below.

Click here to view the entire message on the Book of Romans.

1. Join The Journey

Join The Journey is a one-year devotional written by Watermark Members. Over the course of 2018, we’ll make our way through the entire book of Romans, verse by verse. You can sign up for daily devotionals to be sent to your inbox each weekday or download the app in the App Store or on Google Play.

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2. Equipping Classes

3. The Six Week Challenge

Memorize the Romans Road

During the first part of 2018, our entire body will be encouraged to take the “Six Week Challenge” to memorize the Romans Road. The Romans Road is a collection of six verses that is an essential tool for explaining the good news of salvation.

The Romans Road includes:

  1. Romans 3:23 - week 1
  2. Romans 6:23 - week 2
  3. Romans 5:8 - week 3
  4. Romans 10: 9-10 - week 4
  5. Romans 5:1 - week 5
  6. Romans 8:1 - week 6

We’ve created smart phone wallpapers to make memorization a bit easier. If you’re viewing this on on a mobile device, you can touch and save an image below to your camera’s photo album. Then, simply change your settings to make the image your wallpaper. You can also find the wallpapers on inside each day’s devotional.

We created a quick walkthrough video to show you how to resize the wallpapers to display properly on your device. This works for most devices - including the iPhone X.

Smartphone wallpapers

Week 1: Romans 3:23

Week 2: Romans 6.23

Week 3: Romans 5:8

Week 4: Romans 10:9-10

Week 5: Romans 5:1

Week 6: Romans 8:1