It's Here!

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I am that person that starts playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving (and just maybe even secretly since the beginning of November, shhh!). I love preparing my house with decorations and all the traditions that come with this holiday. But, the thing that I love most about Christmas is the opportunity to focus for an entire month on how God…GOD…the author and creator of all things, loved us enough to send His only son down to earth in the form of a baby. He didn’t send legions of angels to announce His arrival, He didn’t have someone build a massive castle (like He had Noah build an ark) or even announce intercom-style over the whole world that Jesus was coming. Nope, not His style! Instead, God…GOD…sent His son through a humble woman, with a meager upbringing, born where farm animals eat and excrete. Talk about the ultimate servant leader. This is the Truth that we celebrate at Christmas-time.

Do. Not. Miss. It.

My challenge to you is to first prioritize dwelling on this Truth daily for yourself. Then, let all the other things find their place in your day, week, month. I think you’ll be surprised as you “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” how “all these things will be provided for.” (Matthew 6:33)

To guide you in this challenge, here are some recommended resources:

For you, Mom.

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