It Takes a Village - Keys to Parenting in Community

It Takes a Village - Keys to Parenting in Community Hero Image It Takes a Village - Keys to Parenting in Community Hero Image

It Takes a Village - Keys to Parenting in Community

Thank you again for joining us for this session of DadU. We hope you were challenged to excel still more in your role of supporting the families in your group and valuing community. As dads, we all need the encouragement, correction, and counsel of Spirit-filled, Bible-informed brothers. That's why it's so important that we pay attention to the 4 principles David talked about for parenting in community:

  • Keep it biblical
  • Initiate and Inquire
  • Deal with your pride and preconceived notions, and
  • Support Each Other in Prayer


We always want to encourage you to just take one simple step of obedience and put one thing you heard into action. The last principle David shared offers us a layup opportunity to do just that.

This month, take time to make a list of one specific thing you can be praying for each of the kids represented in your community group. What are the unique challenges or opportunities the dads in your group are facing with their kids? What Scripture could inform your prayers for them? Make a list and then set a time in your calendar once a week to dedicate to praying those things for them.

For some of you, your best step of obedience may be finding and committing to a community group. Learn here about "Community Formation" and make it a priority this month to jump in (NOTE: You must be a member to go through Community Formation, so if you're not yet a member find out more about our Membership Process).


This week is full of opportunities for you and the families in your community group to be equipped together.

  • Parenting Conversations - An evening with the elders on the topic of sex and purity. Whether you are a new parent or launching kids off to college, this is a topic we all need to be prepared to address with our kids along the way.
  • The Nest - Encourage your wives and the other moms in your community group, if at all possible, to join in with The Nest. Covering many topics from marriage to discipleship.
  • "How He Built This" - We took time during this weekend series to talk about how the Lord has built our ministry to the "next generation" here at Watermark and how we are seeking to support you in your role as the primary disciple maker of your child(ren). This would be a great week to use the sermon discussion guide to process the message with your community group.


The next session of DadU will be focused on “How Your Marriage Raises Your Kids” by Scott Kedersha, Director of Marriage Ministries and author of the newly released book Ready or Knot: 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have Before Marriage. To listen to other conversations, catch up on the Watermark Family Ministry Podcast.